Chapter 4

Chapter 4 

Years back


"Thank you," I said to the bartender who dropped another bottle of their strongest scotch on my table. 

Here I am at midnight in a bar located in the heart of Vegas celebrating my break up from a five-month relationship. 

I was dumped. I might add used too.

Every relationship ended up pretty much the same for me and I just couldn't help telling them I own a company by inheritance and afterwards, they'd see me as a money-making machine as well as looking for ways to extort money from me. I know I should have known better but isn't love True, and Honest? 

"I'm back" Freddy announced as he returned to his seat after a quick leak in the toilet. 

"What'd I miss?" He asked 

"Nothing" I stuttered on a single word

"Are you drunk?" He studied my fluctuating gaze.

"I'm halfway there" 

Freddy laughed and raised a glass to another toast. 

"How is your mum doing?" 

"Asides thinking of my late dad, she's fine. She'll be fine"

"It's going to take a lot of getting used to" 

"You know I don't get it, they were divorced. She agreed to it and I did expect her to feel affected but not this much" 

"She must have loved him so much" 

"Love" I scoffed "How's your love life?" I asked 

"If by that you mean my love for cunt yes, my love life is very much perfect plus I have you in it" 

I sniggered. 

"And you, stop thinking about that douche" He added

"You called him 'the one'" I air quote with my fingers while mimicking him on the day he told me Jonas was the one for me. 

"Well I was wrong and I totally regret vouching for such a loser" 

I couldn't help but chuckle. I agree with Freddy, Jonas is indeed a loser and much worse. He is also a gold digger who didn't only dig into my gold as in wealth but also dominated my sexual desires. He holds the title of the best shag in the history of Ava's shags. 

"Oh my God stop Ava!" Freddy screamed 

"What'd I do now?" I said suddenly jolted out of an intimate reminisce between Jonas and I. 

"I know that face. Sex face. Please don't tell me you're still thinking about him?" 

I shrugged.

"You know what?" He suddenly clapped both palms on the wooden table. 

"What?" I popped my eyes out curious.

"You need a rebound sex, one that'll erase that MF from your brain and hopefully your Vagina" 

"Eeww Freddy, hearing that from you sounds weird. I don't want to hear a sex lecture from my male friend" 

"You forgot to add the only friend" 

"You're so proud" I joked and smiled. 

"Hi handsome," A tiny voice said as she laid her palm on Freddy's shoulder. 

"I couldn't help but overhear your conversation and I would love to be your friend too," She said, obviously eye-fucking him with every gaze and I knew what's coming next. 

"Erm Ava, can you spare me a few minutes with my new friend? I will be back before you know it" 

"Sure and Freddy, use a condom" I chuckled as he turned his back on me and out of the bar.

I made a mental note to finish this drink and then head to the car and relax while I wait for his return. 

"You look bored, I hope I'm right?" A strange voice that suddenly appealed my ears said while standing by my table. 

"And if you are?" 

"Then allow me to steal you out of here and show you the real magic in Vegas that is of course if you're single and up for it" 

A stranger but I don't care, Freddy left with one without thinking of me so I might as well jump on his rebound offer with this dude. I brought out my phone to text Freddy. 


I tossed my phone back into my bag. 

"Shall we?" I asked as he took my hand in his and out of the bar. 


"This is one of my favourite places in the city," He said as he walked me into a very crowded and highly smokey club. 

I had thought we'd simply make out somewhere and continue the romp in a room but no probs, the night is still young.

As we walked passed some table on a mission to find ours I couldn't help but notice what seemed to me like a sexy Greek god seated alone at the far end of the club. It was dark but his dazzling glassy eyes stood out and I almost bumped into another table. 

"Sorry" I whispered to the occupants of the table. 

"How impolite of me. My name is Richard and I live in the city" 

Richard said as we took our seat on the very opposite of Mr glassy eyes. 

"Ava" I simply said. 

"What would you like to drink?" 

"The very best of their alcohol" I replied still glued to the magnificent view of a god in the body of a man. He didn't notice my stare though because he had far too much in front of him to look at. 

"I'll be right back," Richard said and a few seconds later he disappeared into the crowd. Like some spell had been cast on me, I continued to stare at the man until a quick break from the look made me see Richard's mouth extremely busy in another's. Great! All men are douchebags.  I abruptly stood up like a deranged maniac, got myself a drink and went back to sit and began another alcohol intake spree.  

As I began to feel intoxicated, I took my drink, rose from the chair and headed to the table of what I consider must be my jackpot for the night. I didn't know what I was doing, not in my right senses and it wasn't until I was already in front of him did I realize I was already drunk. 

"Hi, I'm Ava" I was breathless. I could smell him one foot away. His oud cologne smell was so edible. Fuck! I want to fuck him. 

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