Chapter 4

I wake up half dazed to Leia yelling at me.

“Wake up Ellie! We have a mate to watch get sweaty tonight!”

“Gross! You know I can sense your arousal, right?”

“You know I can sense yours too, right?”

Yep, we are practically twins.

  I grunt and roll my eyes before getting off the bed and heading to my closet to figure out what I will wear tonight. It's kind of a big night, so I should at least try to put some effort into my look.

  I still don't care enough to not have my signature pony, but I do however care enough to wear some cut off denim shorts and a tight white t shirt with our school’s colors. I also am wearing some neutral makeup with Luke’s number on my cheek. I am his number one fan, after all. It's my job as his best friend to cheer him on.

  I walk over to the stadium and purchase my ticket. Amber and Heather are at the mall picking out dresses and accessories for tomorrow. They couldn’t care less about football, so it's not a surprise they didn't come. Since they are not at the game, I don’t really have any friends to sit with.

  Everyone pretty much likes me and I equally like them, but I just have never really formed deep friendships with anyone but Luke, Amber and Heather. Even Colin and I have had some conversations since we are around each other so much, but never anything meaningful or long.

  I end up sitting next to mine, Luke's and Colin’s parents. On the other side of me are the other Seniors in the “Senior Zone” going crazy. Not too crazy, since the Alpha and Luna are so close.

We all know that Lawrence and Amara actually really enjoy the young wolves having fun. They don’t mind, as long as they don't get out of control, but the seniors are always respectful.

  Luna Amara is currently talking to mom about shopping and tomorrows dance. They both love to help out with preparations and decorating the gym. As they are talking, Amara stops and looks at my cheek.

  “So, I can’t help but notice that you and Luke are always together, and that you are sporting his number tonight. May I assume that you will possibly be our next female Beta, young Elenor?” Her voice as always is soft and beautiful. She really is a great Luna to all of us.

  “Yes Luna Amara, we are always together. He has been my best friend since middle school. Although we would do anything for each other, the Moon Goddess did not make us mates. I think she knows we would be terrible for each other. To be honest, we fight like cats and dogs about everything!” I can't contain the small chuckle that leaves my mouth.

  Luke's mom joins in laughing and shakes her head in agreement since she knows how much we fight.

  “Very well, but you recently turned seventeen. Have you found your mate or spoken to your wolf yet?” She looks so interested and I am suddenly sweating bullets.

  Why did she have to ask that!? Now my mother, my father, Luke's parents and the Alpha are all staring daggers at me. How the HELL am I getting out of this one?

 “YES! My wolf’s name is Leia! She is pretty much my twin in personality and although I haven’t seen her yet, I have a feeling she is super pretty! I’m very excited, but also terrified of my first shift.” I am really hoping she doesn't notice that I haven’t answered the mate question.

  “That’s amazing dear! If she looks anything like you, I know she will be absolutely gorgeous! Any wolf will be lucky to have you as their mate.” Hearing this from the Luna put me through a whirlwind of emotions. If she only knew that I was mated to her son. 

  “Yeah, but whoever it is better not piss her off! She’s the best female warrior I have with one hell of an uppercut.”  Alpha Lawrence butts in and we all laugh.

  The Alpha sometimes watches us train to keep an eye on his future warriors. Anytime I see him coming I make sure to be cutthroat with my opponent.

  "Don't worry too much about your first shift Ellie, you are a strong she-wolf and I am confident you will get through it just fine." Luke's mom Jessica smiles at me.

  “So, honey, you didn't answer Amara's question. Have you figured out who your mate is yet?” my mom asks me again while thankfully everyone is now intently watching the field. 

 "Mom, I-"

“TOUCHDOWN by number thirty-six, Lucas Combs! That’s halftime folks!" The announcer yells out as we all stand to cheer for Luke. "Now let's get all of our senior players out on the fifty-yard line with their parents."

  Relief floods over me as I am saved again from the mate question. I can’t wait for this to all be over so I don’t have to hide it anymore. It's becoming exhausting.

  Since it is the homecoming game and halftime, all the parents of the Seniors get to walk them across the field. Colin looks up to find his parents but for a second our eyes catch.

  There is suddenly electricity that bolts through me and sends crazy butterflies to my stomach. It's just like on my birthday when I first felt the pull, but this time, it's stronger. My breath hitches in my throat and I just stand there frozen.

  Colin rips his helmet off quickly and cocks his head slightly to the side. Then he scrunches his eyes and bites his lip, puzzled like he isn’t sure what just happened. Instinctively, I curl up the corner of my mouth and then bite my bottom lip, but his facial expression does not change.

  Right on cue, one of the other guys comes up and chest bumps him out of his daze. I take the opportunity to run down the bleachers and out of the stadium.

  I knew it, he doesn’t want me. He wants Victoria, not some tomboy. As I hear his name along with the Alpha and Luna’s over the loud-speaker, my heart feels so broken and I hear Leia let out a whimper.

“Why did he look at us like that Leia?”

“Ellie, I don’t know. We were too far away to smell each other with all the sweat mixed in, so I am not sure he knows we are his mate.”

“I can’t go back in there Leia.”

“Let’s go for a run!”

Really?! That would be amazing, but I’m so nervous it will hurt!”

“I’m not going to lie to you, it will for the first time, but it won’t last long and will be totally worth it! I will be there to help you recover.”

“Ok let’s do it then!”

  Without hesitation I take off running towards the edge of the woods behind the stadium. Once I am inside the tree line, I try to catch my breath. I look around and slowly take my clothes off, making sure no one is around to see me naked. I can remember my dad telling me years ago, that when you shift, you just clear your mind and envision a wolf. Their paws, tail, ears, snout and all. So that’s what I try to do.

  The sound of my bones cracking is louder in my ears than the crowd at the game. I’m sure my screams are not heard either which is nice. I’m glad I am alone for this, as I don’t like anyone to see me weak.

  The pain is so intense that for a moment I feel like I may pass out. I do everything I can to just stay awake and focus on what a wolf looks like, knowing that this too shall pass. It's what my mother always tells me and it has helped me get through so many tough moments in my life.


  Suddenly, the pain is completely gone. I notice all of my senses are going into overdrive. I can hear crickets from what seems like miles away, and I can smell the stench of football players, to which I scrunch my nose in disgust. All of the pretty colors of the woods seem like I am just seeing them for the first time tonight. I'm in complete awe of my surroundings. 

"Ellie, let me have control."

"Ok Leia!"

  I close my eyes, and when I open them back up, I realize that I am now in the backseat of my mind. Leia has taken control of our body.

Without hesitation she takes off into the woods and I am left stunned at how she leaps over logs and dodges trees like she’s done this a million times. Before long she stops at a small stream to drink some water. That’s when I see her reflection.

  Her fur is the same golden blonde as my hair and her eyes, if possible, look like actual emeralds. Despite knowing my own eyes, I am completely entranced by their beauty. She is slightly larger than most she-wolves which gives me a sense of pride.

  “You are stunning, Leia.”

  “We are stunning, Ellie! You are gorgeous in your human form just as I am in my wolf form. Please remember that, but like your mother says, maybe you could try a little harder.”

  I stick my tongue out at her as far as I can, shake my head and laugh. I needed this distraction after what just happened in the stadium with Colin. At that thought my heart sinks again, but Leia takes off before I have time to wallow in self-pity.


  We get back to the tree line right before the end of the game and I shift back. It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad, so I don’t scream. I am silently proud of myself for taking it so well. I know my dad would be as well, if he was here.

  Once I put my clothes back on, I head straight to the pack house and to my room. I don’t want to deal with anyone anymore, and I certainly don’t want to think about the homecoming dance tomorrow night. Knowing that Colin and Victoria are going together makes me want to puke, and I am already preparing myself for his rejection.


  I wake up, and it's Saturday morning. Someone is pounding on my door. Who the hell could that be?

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