Chapter 7- Marriage

Devika's p.o.v

My family members are very busy with the arrangement because today is my wedding.

Yes, today I am going to be that beast's wife. This thought is making me afraid and vulnerable. I can't imagine what will happen to me. I don't get any positive vibe from him. His aura is totally dark. His looks, his talks, his behaviour.. everything scares me.

At our engagement ceremony when he was putting the ring he held my hand so tightly that it left a slight bruise on my hand.

That bruise is fading out from my hand but it's not fading out from my mind. I remembered his words " I can't wait to break you".

This sentence is always ringing in my ear making my heartbeat fast.

I am feeling like something bad is going to happen. But, one thing I am sure that whatever he will do to me, I will always protect my family. Ma is very happy about this marriage. For her sake, I can do anything.

I am sitting in front of the mirror wearing a red lehenga with heavy jewellery. Well, the lehenga is very beautiful and designed by Avantika Agnihotri. I have to admit she is a talented designer.

I have red beautiful henna on my hand. The beauticians have done a great job on my whole self. I am looking like a doll. But, there is no smile or no happiness on my face which a bride should have had. My expression is neutral but my inside is screaming not to marry the beast.

Suddenly ma entered my room and told that everyone is here. Well, it's just all family members. Relatives are not allowed because of the order of the beast.

Slowly I am going towards the mandap( wedding place) and my feet are becoming heavy like tons of rocks are tied with my feet. My feet are stopping like they don't want to go near the mandap.

Ma is almost pushing me to walk faster and finally, I am here in front of the mandap. The priest is chanting mantras and my would-be husband is sitting there with his beasty glory. He is wearing a sherwani with a turban on his head. His huge body is fitting his sherwani perfectly. Moreover, he is looking like a king from ancient time.

Ma helped me sitting beside him. I sat beside him and he looked at me. My eyes are fixed at the holy fire which is blazing in front of me. I couldn't look at him because of fear and nervousness. I can feel his intense glare on me.

The priest told us to stand and change our garlands. We both stood up and he put the garland around my neck easily as I am too short in front of him. But when it's my time, my hands are not even reaching his head. And he is enjoying my helplessness.

He can low down his head a little but no he is standing like a wall. Suddenly I felt  someone has lifted me. It's none other than my brother Neel.

Though he is just a teenage boy but he has grown faster and has the strength of a grown man.

" What are you doing, Neel? I asked with my shaky voice.

' Di put the garland immediately around jiju's (brother-in-law)s neck. You are heavy. I can't hold anymore. " Neel said.

Everyone is praising that my brother loves me a lot. Obviously, it's true.

I put the garland around his neck and Neel put down me on the ground. The beast is totally expressionless seeing all this.

" Is he really human or robot"!!

Then the priest told us to sit for further ritual.

When it was time for kanniyadan( bride given by her father to the groom) ritual I couldn't hold my tears anymore. I am missing my father a lot. If he was here maybe I wouldn't have to marry this arrogant man. As I don't have father Ma performed the kanniyadan ritual.

But, at panigrahan( bride and groom hold each others hand indicating their Union) ritual he held my hand tightly and squeezed them hard like he is punishing for something. I am feeling pain and my eyes got watered but still, he is not sparing my hand.

When the priest told us to stand up for taking seven pheras( in this ritual the bride and groom take vows in front of the holy fire) only then he spared my hand. I rubbed my hand and looked at him with irritated eyes.

Then we took the vows, well I just enchanted them like a parrot because they are not coming from my mouth willingly. Finally, this ritual is also done and it's time for him to tie mangal sutra(nuptial chain) around my neck and put vermilion on my hair partition.

He is going to tie the Mangal Sutra when a strong male voice echoed through the whole room.

The voice said,' This marriage can't be done. Devika is only mine".

Everyone is shocked and looked at the man. My back was facing the man. And when I turned behind to see who is this person, my body turned cold and I stiffed on my place.

" What the hell he is doing here?"

I asked surprisingly," Raghav"?

That's when my husband aka the beast looked at me. His face is still expressionless but I saw a glint of anger in his eyes. Only the look of his eyes are enough to shake me from my heart because of fear.

We both stood up and Raghav ran towards me. He tried to hold my hand when the beast came forward between Raghav and me.

Raghav said," You can't marry her. She doesn't love you".

A hard punch landed on Raghav's face and he started bleeding. Yes, the beast has punched Raghav.

Then the beast said with his dangerous voice," Get lost from here before I lose my sanity".

I saw that the situation is turning into a serious issue. I tried to hold the beast's hand when he looked at me. I felt like my soul just left my body. His eyes are too dark like they will swallow my soul anytime.

He said slowly with a warning tone," You didn't do the right thing. Tonight I will show you hell".

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