Chapter 9- Painful wedding night

Warning - Rape scene ahead. Read at your own risk.

Author's p.o.v

Raghav is tied with ropes in a chair on a basement type area. The whole room is totally dark. There is dry blood on the floor giving the room a creepy look.

Two bodyguard type man are standing beside Raghav.

His whole face is bruised because of too much beating. His whole body is beaten black and blue. His eyes are shuttering like any time he will faint.

Suddenly the door of the room burst opened and Abhinav entered. He is still wearing his sherwani. One of the guards ran towards Abhinav with a chair. The guard placed the chair in front of Raghav and Abhinav sat on the chair.

Abhinav asked Raghav very calmly," what's your relationship with Devika?

Raghav slowly opened his eyes and tried to smile. But he couldn't even smile because his lips are cut ope

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He is so bad ...☹️ poor girl

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