Chapter 32

*Killian's p.o.v*

I reluctantly left Claire in the morning and headed to work. Mine and Titan's longing for our little made was worse than ever. I assumed completing the mate bond had something to do with that.

It was harder to focus on work, her angelic face popped into my mind every minute. I replayed the events of last night and had to fight the urge to hunt her down. I had never expected a mate as incredible as her.

She's strong and compassionate all whist remaining innocent. She could be a little strange at times, but I found it adorable.

I grunted in approval when Kira popped her head in and told me she was going to take Claire and Maria shopping. Claire needed a distraction, especially with the news I had to tell her.

After countless days and nights of torture, Blake finally cracked. I wasn't surprised. I often kept him on the brink of death, but lucid enough to feel the pain I inflicted. The news he had given me set my teeth
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Francis M Torres
Iam loving this so far
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Absolutely love!
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Jessica Gainey
Vanilla and cinnamon, not honey

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