Chapter 31

The first thing I regained was my sense of smell.

Earth, damp earth invaded my nose. Along with something metallic scented. It wasn't blood. The smell of blood was forever etched into my brain. This was something else.

Unfortunately, the second sense that returned was touch. I could feel the sweat coating my body. My entire being burned, as though I was dipped in liquid fire. A simple twitch of my nose, or move of my finger sent the fire raging at new found heights.

I kept my eyes clenched shut, praying to fall back into unconsciousness.

I lost track of how many times I slipped in and out of awareness. Each time I was met with the same damp earth and metallic smell. Each time the fire cascading through my veins dimmed in the slightest.

Finally, the fire had subsided. I felt delirious. How much had I sweated? My clothes felt soaked beneath my fingertips and despite falling in and out of consciousness, I was exhausted.

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masrura amena
Killian was supposed to feel her fear more stronger than before as they are marked and's wired..
goodnovel comment avatar
Wait! Are these Killian and Claire from Alpha Killian?!
goodnovel comment avatar
(Killian-Claire). Damien of course, and I wonder if he had inside help.

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