Chapter 3430

Harvey revealed a calm smile.

“I don’t know if Jeff will actually return the money…”

“But I do know one thing: it’s only natural for people to give back what’s been owed.”

“If you want absolute authority within Hearthstone Corporation and use this opportunity to build a career…”

“Taking the money back is a good start.”

Harvey chuckled.

“While your mother’s gone, I can go with you to the Whitebane Center if you’re feeling well.”

“I can get the money back for you.”

Mandy shook her head, and flashed Harvey a warm smile.

“It’s fine. I've already found someone to do it for me.”

“She’ll be able to get the money back. All I need to do is to give her something in return.”

Upon seeing the confidence on Mandy’s face, Harvey smiled and said nothing.

She had been struggling in the business world for the longest time. Surely, she would have ideas of her own at this point.

And so, Harvey patiently waited for Mandy to deal with the situation.

“Brother-In-Law! What a coincidence!”

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