Cassi's POV

She continued to leave kisses against my neck and I shifted beneath her in the couch, loving the way her lips felt against my skin.

"Starr not right here," I whispered as her hands began undoing my jeans.

"Why not?" She asked against my neck biting the sensitive area, leaving my back to arch slightly.

"Because the kids-"

"They're sleeping," she reasoned putting her hand in my pants and I laughed pushing her away slightly.

"We're going upstairs," I mumbled and she removed her hand, sitting up pushing back her black hair, her emerald green eyes boring into mine.

Just as she was about to speak footsteps sounded gaining both our attention.

"Why are you both still up?" Jason asked as he entered the room, moving over to us.

"I was trying to have sex," Starr announced as he pecked my lips, a chuckle left him as he moved over to her doing the same.

"And how is that going?" He asked amused taking off his jacket and tie placing them on the coffee table.

"I think I'm about to rape our wife," she mumbled leaning back, pushing her hair away from her face and I laughed slightly sitting up watching as Jason undid his buttoned down shirt, leaving his perfectly sculpted body on display.

"I don't really think she would appreciate being raped," Jason replied releasing a laugh.

"Cassi would you?" Jason asked me softly including me into the conversation.

"More like bondage, in a roleplay sense," Starr added and I smiled shyly not hating the idea.

"So that's a yes?" He asked and she leaned forward kissing me softly, before pulling away her eyes staying with mine.

"I'll get your dinner," Starr announced softly referring to Jason, pecking my lips once more before removing herself from my body and I smiled watching as she left, turning my head to catch Jason doing the same.

"You must've had a stressful day, between work, the kids and Starr," Jason said amused and I smiled as he lifted my legs sitting down placing them in his lap rubbing my feet.

"Her sex drive has been a lot higher lately, she's like a teenage boy," I mumbled amused earning a laugh from him.

"It's always been that way, it's just that since we're not having sex like we use to it's more noticeable," he replied

"Did you talk to her about quitting?" He asked kissing my feet and I shook my head not knowing how to start the conversation.

"I'm starting to think you have a foot fetish," Starr announced as Jason moved over taking the plate from Starr, I lifted my feet as she took his place becoming my new foot stool.

"I don't have a foot fetish, you both just have very pretty feet," he defended amused and she smiled closing her eyes sighing.

"That you love because you have a foot fetish," she fired and he chuckled taking a sip of his juice. I watched as she opened her eyes looking over to me, her gaze meeting mine. She leaned over her hand going in-between my thighs as she attached our lips.

"Later I promise," I announced breaking the kiss and she moved to my neck, sucking, kissing and biting sending a tingle down my spine at the feeling.

"Your sex drive isn't healthy," I mumbled and she pulled moving back to where she was originally.

"My sex drive is perfectly fine it just needs a reset,"

"Any sex drive that needs a reset isn't healthy," Jason fired amused and she rolled her eyes. I smiled knowing how sensitive she got whenever she was this on edge.

"We're sorry," I apologized pulling away my feet moving over to her and she immediately rested her head against my shoulder.

"I feel like I'm going explode," she mumbled cutely and I looked over to Jason to catch him smiling.

"You're being dramatic," I replied laughing and she smiled amused, I looked over to Jason who shot me a look and immediately knew what he wanted me to do.

"Starr," I called out softly and she hummed.

"Yes baby,"

"Do you remember when we just met and you asked me what was my dream job and I told you-"

"That you wanted to be a chef," she finished


"What about it?"

"I want to open my own restaurant,"

"Don't you think working at restaurant and as my assistant would be a tad too much, plus the kids and-"

"That's why I would quit my job working for you," I confessed softly and she pulled away looking at me, her emerald green eyes meeting mine.

"Okay," She replied leaning back against the couch.

"That's it, you're not upset?" I asked not being able to tell.

"No I'm not upset, I'm going to miss having you around me 24/7 but I'm in complete support of this," she replied turning her head to look at me and I shifted snuggling into her, loving the way her hand moved around my waist.

"Alec is the one you should worry about," she added amused earning laughs from us both.

"Mom, mommy, Dad Jordan keeps turning on the light and I'm trying to sleep," Eclipse complained and I turned watching as she walked over to us, in her cute pajamas, her hair in a ponytail.

Starr sighed beside me leaning forward lifting Eclipse into her lap.

"She gets this habit of pouting from you," Starr mumbled looking over to me and I smiled looking at how cute they were together.

"Why don't you go to mommy while I go talk to your brother," Starr offered and Eclipse nodded moving over into my lap, allowing Starr to get up.

"What are you eating?" She asked Jason softly after a couple seconds and he smiled looking at her.

"I'm having dinner sweetheart,"

"Can I have some?" She asked and he chuckled motioning for her to come to him and she did happily making me smile.

My gaze was pulled away as it travelled over to Starr who entered the room with Jordan holding her hand.

"Eclipse," he called out climbing onto the couch and she ignored him as she continued to eat from Jason's plate.

"I'm sorry for turning on the light while you were trying to sleep, it was wrong and I will never do it again," he apologized

"You promise?" She asked and he nodded.

"Okay now hug," Starr said making me smile, and they did just that their little giggles echoing around the room.





Starr's POV

I sat on the couch feeling completely drained, wishing I could cancel the meetings I had tomorrow-

"Mommy can we sleep in your room tonight?" Jordan asked Cassi moving over me to sit in her lap and I smiled already knowing the answer.

"Yes," she whispered and I laughed slightly watching as she kissed his forehead.

"What?" She asked

"Nothing," I whispered amused diverting my gaze to Jason whose plate was now in Eclipse's lap.

"I'm going to make a sandwich, do you want one?" I asked laughing slightly and he chuckled taking a sip of his juice.

"Thank you," he replied smiling

"Can I have one too?" Eclipse asked

"Me too," Jordan chimed in

"Baby just make it five," Cassi added and I smiled standing up to be greeted with the sight of Trinity coming down the stairs.

"I'll make six," I announced

"Are we sleeping in your room tonight mom?" She asked as I moved over to the kitchen.

"Yes we are,"









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