Turning Omega

Turning Omega

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An alpha who feels love and lust towards his male beta secretary. Releasing pheromones everyday may be his only chance in turning him into an omega but will it work though?

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Raysel Castillo Magapi
I really love the story and the way the writter wrote and compost the story . So far It's really good and looking forward on any further development. But overall the author did a great job .
2024-01-09 19:30:56
10 Chapters
I - Prologue
"Uhng.."The alpha with supreme physical traits continues to trust into the male beta's hole not considerate of whether it hurt him or not. The lust that he feels from his rut is too strong for him to halt."S-sir, please make it stop. Heup.. it's too painful." he pleaded as he felt his ass get filled by his thing completely.His eyes swell from too much crying. It's his first time having intercourse but he's the one getting bottomed. To make it worse, the top doesn't have an ounce of consideration for what pain he's enduring.True. A beta cannot handle an alpha's lust because scientifically, betas and alphas are not sexually compatible. It would only hurt the bottom if such intercourse is forced. It is a known fact among all people that alphas are only meant for omegas because that's how the tertiary genders dictate the world."Dear... a little more and I'll cum." Sevastian releases more pheromones though the beta wouldn't notice a thing. He paces up his thrusting and sucks on Zen's
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"Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you are hired Mr. Alfonso." Zen Alfonso, a broke 26-year old beta who worked harder than anyone could have imagined— even going as far as taking several side jobs just to pay his father's debt, screamed in excitement upon reading the email for the zenth time. He couldn't believe that he had finally landed a job. It was a dream come true for him. He had applied to countless companies and had gone for several interviews, but nothing had ever worked out. The job market was tough, and it seemed like no one was willing to take a chance on him. But now, all his hard work had finally paid off. It felt like a huge piece of fish bone left his throat. Zen quickly replied to the email thanking the company for the opportunity. He was filled with a sense of pride and relief. He could finally take care of his father, who had been struggling to pay off his debts for years. Zen's father had fallen ill a few years ago after accumulating debt from
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Although the world is ruled by tertiary genders- the alpha, omega and beta, where love and reproduction between the same sexes is normal, Zen as a beta has never really found men as sexy as this guy as he felt that he should only look at women due to him being a mere beta.He couldn't stop staring at the alpha in front of him, his heart racing as he took in every inch of the man's body in his vision. It was as if he was seeing the world in a whole new light, and his body was responding in ways he never thought possible.The alpha, tall and muscular, had a commanding presence that made Zen weak in the knees. His perfume scent was intoxicating, filling Zen's senses and sending a shiver down his spine. He couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be with him, to feel his touch and taste his lips.As the alpha approached him, Zen's heart skipped a beat. He could feel the electricity between them, the tension building as they stood just inches apart. The alpha's eyes never left his
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Zen wakes up in a horrible state. His head tinges in pain from the hangover. He looks around and it turns out that he happened to return to his home safely last night even though he was extremely drunk that he could barely remember the events that occured.Just then, a distorted memory flashes to him. It was him calling someone an angel and that kiss on the cheek. Wait, a kiss on the cheek??!He covers his mouth in shock. "Oh no, who did I kiss?" He touches his lips subconsciously as he was in deep thought. He remembers that the person in question is beautiful hence why he/she was called an angel by him. But that's all the he could remember.He doesn't know what this person looks like because his vision was blurry due to his excessive alcohol intake. He grabs his phone to check the time and date. Fortunately, it was Saturday and it meant no work. So he has all the time to relax for two days. Zen was about to sleep more when his phone rang a notification bell. The notification is from
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"Wanna chill later by the rooftop, Mr. Alfonso?" Emma smiles while drinking macha tea poured from the hot teapot. Zen almost spat out his coffee thinking of a different meaning from the word 'chill.' After binge-watching his favorite anime series in Netflex, he had recently learned from social media the definition of the widely used phrase, 'Netflex and chill' so he initially thought that Ms. Claire is enunciating something else. He fixes his broken posture and wipes his coffee stained lips with his handkerchief. "Sure, why not?"Hours later.They went up to the rooftop with their coats/jackets on because it was a chilly day. The cold breeze tightly hugs their skin making goosebumps appear all over their arms. Emma's long wavy hair is getting swept by wind current but she still looks as lovely as ever. It's as if watching a shampoo commercial wherein the actress' soft hair never gets tangled no matter how strong the wind is. Zen stares at her amazed. Her black hair dances flawless
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Zen is not too sure but maybe Emma has been sending him mixed signals. There are times when Emma was being too sweet to him as if they were lovers, but time comes when she suddenly draws a line between them.And recently, it's been making him so confused. As a man, Zen always finds women hard to understand. One minute they show you they like you, and another, they suddenly dump you like crazy. Mr. Alfonso sits in his office chair with a slumped back. He's got to focus on work now but all his mind thinks about is that beautiful omega. "Come to think about it, Ms. Claire hasn't arrived yet." Zen then taps the shoulder of another coworker, "Excuse me, where is Ms. Claire?" The employee nonchalantly shrugs, "She's absent today." and ends the conversation promptly to continue typing in the laptop.'Absent, huh. That's the first time I heard her miss work.'****A female employee hurriedly enters the room while panting heavily. "Everyone, urgent!" Everyone else stopped what they were
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Upon returning home, Zen received a chat from his superior and crush, Emma Claire. She had just now informed him that she had a severe case of cold wherein she coughed for the whole day so she didn't go to work. Zen felt worried so he sent her a get well message and told her about the great news when she asked about how the presentation went.[Look Zen, I'm really sorry for being absent. My throat had to hurt like hell that I couldn't even talk for a second.][No worries, Emma. Hope you feel okay by tomorrow. Please get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids.][So how did the presentation go? The boss was probably infuriated with you, wasn't he? I totally understand cause I got yelled at when I presented the first time.][Err.. Actually, it went well.]Emma couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the text message so she requested a call from Zen which he happily obligued. "What do you mean by 'went well'? Did you at least not piss your pants?" She laughs. Zen awkwardly laughs as we
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AU (R18+)
[SHORT ALTERNATE UNIVERSE STORY of Sevastian Claude x Zen Alfonso] **This is not in any way related to the main story. Zen's POVI am Zen Alfonso. A 30 year-old part time worker, and proudly a full-time MOONINE fanboy. Moonine is a rising K-pop boy group that has been receiving more praise nowadays because of their good talents but I have been a consistent st4r (name of fandom) since their rookie days. I was admiring my Bias' photocard that's been hanging by my mirror when my alarm rang. "Dang it. I was still daydreaming of Seven and me kissing in our beach wedding." I angrily turn off my alarm but made sure that I didn't hit it too hard. I can't afford to buy a new one, so better be careful than sorry. "Haa. Seven, bye for now because I still need to go to work. But don't you worry, I'll be back later to spend some time with you." I say as I blew lots of flying kisses to the photo card.I'm not actually gonna spend time with Seven physically since I'm penniless. I'm simply goin
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Zen was completely caught off guard by what Mr. Claude said. He knows himself that he has the potential to be promoted if he stays longer in this company, but not to this extent! He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw sincerity in the boss' face. Zen stutters— couldn't put proper words for all the emotions he is currently feeling, "Uh.. S-Sir, th-thank you... but I... I don't know what to say." It was too sudden for Zen to comprehend such promising words. "You don't have to say 'yes' right away. I'll give you some time to think about it." Zen nods repeatedly, flustered and grateful. "Thank you sir."'To think that Mr. Claude thinks highly of me for just a single meeting!' Mr. Alfonso blushes a little and the boss saw it and found it adorable.It didn't take long, when rumours start to mysteriously circulate among the employees. A lot of them were surprised because of a sudden possible promotion and to a high position at that! They couldn't help but grow suspicious of Zen's int
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"What. Are. You. Doing?" Emma asks with a somehow forced looking smile while she looks at Zen putting his work items in a box. Putting away items in an office could only mean two things.First. Either he's fired. One that Emma is secretly hoping for.Second. He's being promoted. "Oh, I got promoted." 'Dang it.' Emma's nose flares from her rising anger but she still flashes a smile to maintain her kind image. Although, she looked like a cartoon from her flared nose and forced smile. It looks really unnatural.Zen remained oblivious to Emma's true feelings for him. Meanwhile, Sevastian Claude went to the company extra early. He couldn't miss seeing his secretary's face first thing in the morning. He even bit his inner cheek so it would leave a canker sore. And so it did! After all, he still hasn't used the ointment Zen gave him. He was treasuring it to use for a special moment and he is positive that today could be that moment to use it. Zen arrives outside the CEO's office. He kno
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