Chapter 8

Mature chapter. My first ever mature scene. Bare with me. 


Lisa and her workers did not eat lunch in the packhouse today. I was extremely disappointed, but I understand. She feels like she needs to protect her crew. I still can't believe Alpha reacted that way yesterday. 

Time is passing by so slowly. The paperwork is a jumbled mess in my mind, and nothing has been done for hours. All I can do is sit in my office and wait until 5 pm. I have waited five years for my mate, and now that I know her, I don't want to waste another second. Her honeysuckle wood scent is all over the territory now. And Alpha is in scent heaven. 

Finally, it is 4:45, and I can head to the job site. I make a stop in the restroom to check my appearance. Last night I had decided to shave off my well-maintained beard. I wanted to see if she reacted to my change. 

Seeing my current state in the mirror is disappointing. I have faint blue ba
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Ugbo Racheal
love this story
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Ugbo Racheal
great story, too good to a first
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Rikki Macdonald
enjoying this book so far... love lisas character

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