Chapter 13

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I walk into our home and smell lunch. Moira is going to make a great housewife for someone one day. Emmett growls at my thought.

"Alpha lunch is on the table for you. I have already eaten. I am going to let Molly run," Moira tells me with a little head bow.

"Stay away from the border," I order her as I pass to the dining room.

"Yes, Alpha," Moira says, heading out the door.

Alpha- patrol, Moira is running in wolf form. No rogues will enter our lands while our sister is alone.

Patrol- yes, Alpha.

I eat the massive ham sandwich Moira made me in five bites. I wish Emmet would eat more in human form, but we never have time. I gulp down the fresh lemonade. Our small omega, Cinthia, enters the room almost immediately after I finish with my dishes.

"Are you finished, Alpha? I am about to wash dishes," little Cinthia asks me with her head bowed.

"Yes, little one," I say, standing from my sp

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Wendy Chan
Abby’s got her sights on Alpha’s brother in law
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
Scott, sad vs sad. and you give her your # you should pay attention that she is a problem and could impact your business
goodnovel comment avatar
Tamariah Sharp
great book but why does it cost so much

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