8. Kim Sae Hee's Diary And Some Unspoken Lies

"Where do you want to go?"

We were shocked and almost ran to immediately open the door when we heard someone's voice asking from behind. However, after the three of us turned around and saw a security guard in guard clothes shining a flashlight at us, we could breathe a sigh of relief. 

"Where do you want to go?" Asked the security guard for the second time.

Guangjun cleared his throat. "We want to go to class, sir."

"Where is your class?" Asked the security guard suspiciously. 

"Our class is on the second floor. We are art faculty," Hyunseon answered again. 

"Oh. Why don't you come in through the lobby door and instead go through the stairs?" Asked the security guard as if he wanted to interrogate.

"Geez, we just wanted to deliver our assignment books before going to class," Said Guangjun. 

"Alright, then I'll go around you guys can go to class through that door too," Answer The security guard quickly, and walked away. 

I breathed a sigh of relief, then quickly tried to pull out the multifunction knife I was carrying. Guangjun immediately opened the second-floor door, the three of us rushed in without waiting for anything else. Closing the door slowly and sneakily walked towards the control room, which was a few more doors. 

I walked in the front row armed with a small flashlight, the ghost of Kim Sae Hee also accompanied us, in the form of a lecturer from the night class—I don't know what Kim Sae Hee's ghost was planning at that time. 

"The surveillance room is over here, I'll divert the CCTV footage when you open the door," Said Kim Sae Hee's ghost. 

The three of us nodded quickly, then, I took out a hook knife, stuck it in the keyhole in the door. Slightly hooking onto the door pulley bit by bit 

Guangjun and Hyunseon entered first, then immediately divided the tasks: guangjun turned off the CCTV while Hyunseon put all the tapes from three years ago that were stored in the cupboard. And my job is only to delete the recording a few minutes ago, when we entered the second floor, the ghost of Kim Sae Hee will only watch while diverting attention if someone suddenly come. 

"Check properly: Don't let what you bring leave a trace," I Said. 

"I've turned off the CCTV in the whole room, you just need to take some footage from three years ago and bring it." Said Guangjun to Hyunseon. 

"Well I'll do what you ask, man," Said Guangjun

"Is it done? We can go upstairs right now." 

"Why not? Come on, let's go upstairs immediately because now it's possible that the night class students have already entered their respective classes," said Guangjun. 


With quick steps, the three of us hurriedly walked out of the surveillance room. Looking around the room, which was dark and quiet then sneaking up on the fourteenth floor through the stairs inside the building because going through the stairs outside would be very dangerous if like a lecturers catches us.

Kim Sae Hee's ghost floated along quickly showing where she was last tortured by Jiyoon and her two friends. The more we went upstairs, the more I felt the anger of Kim Sae Hee's ghost that was so big as if she wanted to kill Jiyeon and Baekhyun at the same time. However, I also feel an aura of sadness there, it's getting more and more gripping. 


"There's nothing suspicious here," Guangjun said as he shone his flashlight all over the music room.

The music room which has been a silent witness to Kim Sae Hee's death for three years, The musty aroma overpowered the sense of smell, even the ceiling of the music room was almost filled with cobwebs.

"Is ghost Kim Sae Hee sure that this is where, she was killed by Jiyoon?" Hyunseon asked then. 

"I'm pretty sure this is the place, because I can clearly see the three of them are torturing Kim Sae Hee," my reply. 

Guangjun rolled his eyes tiredly. "If this is the ghost's last place, it's possible that the evidence has already been thrown away by Jiyoon and Baekyun." 

"It is indeed possible ... but, how can we only look for evidence after three years of that incident?" said Hyunseon. 

"Don't you guys trust me anymore?" I asked in a slightly annoyed tone. 

"It's not like that, Lin. But, just imagine… Is this a reasonable thing?" Guangjun asked me again with a Chinese accent.

I was just about to reply to Guangjun's question when Hyunseon suddenly shone her flashlight on a slightly cracked tile. I don't know if it's cracked because of what because in my memory I've never saw a cracked tile. 

"If no one had been in this room for three years, what had caused this tile to crack? Was it because of Jiyoon's torture?" asked Guangjun, crouch in front of the tile.

I glanced at the ghost of Kim Sae Hee who was guarding the door of this music room but, The ghost of Kim Sae Hee, just shook her head slowly as a sign that she didn't remember anything. 

"Kim Sae Hee doesn't remember it," I said.

Guangjun touched the tile and it opened slightly, makes the three of us even more curious about what exactly is behind the cracked tiles. Out of curiosity, Guangjun reached for my multifunction knife slightly scrape the edges of the tile to open it. It took Guangjun almost a few minutes to do that until he finally saw something made of leather.

"God, what's behind this tile?" Hyunseon covered her mouth in panic.

Guangjun quickly draw something behind the tiles. "It's book?" 

"Bo-book? No kidding, is it really a book?" asked Hyunseon. 

"This is a book, and the book is kept behind the tiles? Are there other lies that also cover up Sae Hee's death?" I asked with a surprised face.

I glanced at the ghost of Kim Sae Hee, with a face full of confusion because the evidence wasn't found and only found a book. 

"Actually I don't remember everything... why don't you guys just open the book?" Asked the ghost of Kim Sae Hee. 

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