Chapter 7 Training

Chapter 7

The next day, Rachel and I stood side by side as we faced Skyr. We were standing outside of the white dome at the center of the sector and looking up at it. Rachel was here when Skyr and I arrive escorted by one of the Atlanteans that we saw in the plane crash. It was the one who assissted her before. I believe his name is Duncan. I remebered his face but I wasn't able to fully look at the man when he came to help us. Duncan has a black hair with white bangs covering his green eyes. He was as muscular as Skyr but a bit shorter.

Rachel and I were wearing red fitted jumpsuis. An attire that symbolizes our beginner status from the group. Skyr was wearing a gray and black attire with green shoulder pads. Duncan, stood just behind Skyr with one of his hands on the door. Skyr gave us one last look before looking back at Duncan and gave him a curt nod. Duncan returned the gesture and twisted his hand a little. Blue circular light with foreign language appeared over his bracelet, then there was a click and the door slid open.

"Let's go." Skyr said. We headed inside the dome to find ourselves in a huge polished cement wall and hard concrete floor. A saw a lot of people wearing the same white jumpsuit outfit that Jack, Watson, and Emily wore yesterday. I saw a few groups doing leaps over steel blocks that stood over six meters. There was a scream and a splat as the man hit the block and fell over a white cushion. Another group were practicing javeline throw. The speed and height that it flew was so ridiculous that it looks like it was being shot by an arrow. Others were sparing with different weapons and others were practicing some sort of hand in hand combat. There was another portion in the room that was separated by a glass wall. Behind it were peope with some sort of white fingerless gloves made of some sort of solid material. I saw a girl aiming it at a moving target and shoot. I faintly saw a thin light fire and the target burst into pieces. Then there was another girl who carried a huge metal ball and flung it at a wall. Numbers holographically flashed and I saw the girl cheer in victory.

"Over here, newbies." Duncan called out when Skyr moved to the other side of the room. There was another room seprated by a glass wall. Behind it I saw a few people running on threatmills while their the portion below their chest is covered with water. There were other facilities that I couldn't describe of, but some of the equipments looks like it is used for strength training. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. After all, the weights look different and looks alien.

Skyr raised his hand and to briefly scan the bracelet and then the glass door opened. Duncan ushered us inside and I could somehow feel the hair heat up a bit. Skyr stood by our side as Rachel and I both took in the scenerio. Rachel started bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. "I have never joined a gym before, but this looks fun!"  

"Easy there, Miss Rachel." Skyr said. "You both will have to do a few stretches and then you will start running. We want to make sure to what extend you both can do first. Maximum of two hours of running while being submerged in water. The solution in the water will monitor your heart rate and vital signs. We'll be able to tell when you can still keep on going or not. Only we can say when you'll stop or not."

Rachel groaned while I let out an tired sigh.

I briefly saw our two Atlantean instructors sharing amuse look before they lead us to do some stretches. Then they assisted us to the water threadmills. We were skeptical at first because our outfits might become wet and would weigh us down, but the second that our boots touched the bottom our body was still dry. It was then that we realized that our suit was waterproof from the neck to our toes.

"Just run as fast as you can. You can slow down but do not stop running." Skyr instructed. Rachel and I followed and started running at our own pace.


It has been 40 minutes since we ran. I know because I saw the digital timer to our side. Running on water was more difficult than running on land. It was hard to kick against the bouyancy that was fighting your every movement. Rachel was panting heavily from the other machine. When Duncan moved in front of her, I saw her sped up a bit.

I could only bet that she doesn't wanna get scolded.

"You're doing great, miss Nathalia." Skyr said while looking at the tab. I saw Duncan coming up beside him at peak at the tab. His brow creased as he gave me a look. Then he placed the the tablet that he was holding beside Skyr's to compare. Skyr looked and tilted his gaze to the side when he saw the results of Rachel from Duncan's tablet. Skyr brought a hand up to hit Duncan's head. Then Skyr grabbed Duncan's tablet and flipped it upside down. Duncan made a look of realization while Skyr simply shook his head at him tiredly and grumbled.

I have to admit, I was getting a little tired but I could feel that I can go a bit longer. I breathed in to my nose and breathe through my mouth, just like how my father thought me. My father. I am doing this for him. I will climb the ranks to find him on my own. With my own efforts.

More than an hour has passed and Duncan finally asked Rachel to stop. I started slowing down down as well when I heard Skyr speak. "Don't stop, miss Nathalia. You can keep going." He ordered and I kept running.

Breathe to th nose and exhale through the mouth. I can feel knees starting to burn and I have to slow down, but I was still running. I wipped away the sweat from my forehead and splashed a bit of water to cool my neck and face. I kept running and running.

I hit the two hour mark already and was aobut to stop. "Keep going, miss Nathalia." He ordered.

"But you said...two hours." I panted.

"Keep going." He ordered. The look that he was giving off made no room for argument so I complied. My legs were trembling already but they still kept going.

Duncan appeared beside Skyr. "It's two hours already. Make her stop."

As a reply, Skyr showed him the tab. "Her vitals remained stable at 1:28:48. She can still go on." 

Duncan seemed confused as he read the tab. Even I was curious as well, but I did not speak. "Well she's almost a huge of a monster as him." He whistled.


"Alright, stop." Skyr ordered as soon as I reached a 3 hour and 12 minute mark. I breathed heavily as I continued to slow down until I came to a stop. Skyr and Duncan were on a leveled platfom the same height as the tank. They both reached out and hauled me up on the cool aluminum top of the platform. "Good job, miss Nathalia." Skyr said and handed me a towel to wipe off the remnants of the water from my suit.

"Please tell me that's all our training for the day." I panted and took the metal canister greedily from Duncan and took large sips of water.

"For morning training? Yeah. For afternoon training, you will have to do double the work since miss Rachel started on strength training." He says and pointed at Rachel, who was currenly waving for me.

"Nathalia!" She yelled. A huge barbell like instrument was in front of her with circular orbs at the end. She adjusted a dial on both orbs and I briefly saw them flashing 30kg before it vanished. Then, with one hand, she easily carried it over her head. "See? SEE!?" She beamed and dropped the barbell to the ground.

"I just have run for a long time." I mumbled.

"You ran for 3 hours and you're surprised?" Duncan chuckled beside me. "You know, I highly suggest that you stop being surprised by everything and start accepted reality."

"Yeah. Mmmhmm. Sounds good." I said as I continued to watch Rachel playing with the 30 kg barbell. She was now twirling it in the air and she was clearly having fun. Then the barbell flew from her hands and to the large water tank that provides fluids to the threadmills. The glass started to crack.

"Get her out of there now!" Skyr said. Duncan immediately sprung and leaped from where we are and towards Rachel. But just as he got there, the glass burst open. I heard Duncan cursed and tried to cover Rachel from the incoming impact that never came.

There was a paused. Then a lot of hushed voices as we all saw the glass break but the water never hit them. It was more like it was floating in the air. A man with long brown hair with white streaks that ends at his shoulder stood. He had his hands raised as he walked towards Rachel and Duncan. "We really should change these glass containers. It's hazardous to newbies." He said and looked at Rachel, who was now hiding behind Duncan. The man used his other hand pushed the remaining water inside. Drones suddenly appeared and sealed the holes and cracks with some sort of blue goo. After that, the man stoood in front of Duncan and smiled. "Good to see you guys have returned." He says.

I was going to ask who he was when Duncan suddenly lowered his head and bowed. "Lord Byron. I offer myself to thee, lord of the sea."

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