Chapter 03

💉Tiara p.o.v 💉.


We don't come uninvited but once you invite us, we are free to come and go as we like.

The fool thinks I'm a whore, he's digging his own grave by himself, my mate must survive I  don't care how many lives will be sacrificed, I'm a centre of attraction but if a man can't control himself, I'm also a centre of destruction, I will destroy all the good things in his life, he will be left empty before I come for his life.

He opened his car door and I enter,  and he also did the same through the driver's side.

"Baby can I get a warm kiss from those inviting lips?" he asked smiling like a fool. I scoffed at his childish behaviour.

"Okay" I said and he brought his mouth closer I crashed my lips on his because this my first of time, my system changes which made me felt like sucking his blood right at that moment but I controlled myself.

"Father lord take me" he said and hit his head with hands.

"Father lord is not your life owner anymore, your life now belongs to me, princess Tiara," I thought within and smiled a bit.

I can see him looking dreamily at me. Oh! sorry, Mr playboy you just met your doom.

😘Jackson p.o.v😘.

Why I'm I even acting childish like this?, maybe because I just caught a big fish, I'll make sure she begs for mercy tonight.

But the way she kissed me was odd, is that her first kiss or she's not a good kisser?.  I will know everything in my bedroom.

Oh boy!, this girl is set, her future husband will be lucky to have someone like her and we, playboys of her time are also lucky will we have a taste of her, I don't want to imagine how good she will be on the bed.

I pulled the car to a halt in front of my house and we both alighted. 

Tonight will be a long night for me.

🤒Romeo p.o.v 🤒.

So there will be a girl on earth that will choose that nuisance over me, damn it! it's just like shit on my face.

Now, that idiot will have her to himself this night, how I wish she's here with me, I would raise one of her legs and rammed into her from the back.

Why am I even having all this thought because of a lady that embarrassed me in front of everyone?.

"Damn!!" I said and threw the glass cup in my hand away, I left the club angrily when I  saw the girl leaving with that bastard in his car, I know they are going home for the real deal.

To hell with Anne, she caused everything, if she hasn't talked about that crazy love issue I wouldn't have to go out there too embarrassed myself.

I will kill that bastard by myself, he must pay for what he does, I don't even know what is wrong with me, why am I like this?.





😘Jackson p.o.v😘.

"Baby are you set to go?" I asked Tiara.

The girl is an expert, she didn't even get tired, I have to beg her to stop when she nearly killed me, it was just like she was draining my power because I felt powerless.

She must always be at my service, I don't enjoy myself yesterday, but her next visit I  must make her beg for mercy.

I have to compensate her, she deserves it.

"Baby, did you know how to drive?" I asked and she shook her head negatively at first, but she later nodded positively.

"Take this key, I give you the new car at the garage, wholeheartedly, you see that car I just got it last week and it hasn't left this compound, I give you, it's all yours as from now on, take this cash of one hundred thousand dollars and do anything you want with it" I said and handover the car key and the money to her.

That money is for my customer, and I'm yet to deliver his goods to him.

It's nothing special anyway, I paid for what I confirmed to be the origin of the originals.

"I will like to take my leave now," she said, she didn't even said thank you,  but no problem anyway, I love her like that.

Even if she wants more, I'm ready to give her.

"Baby no kissing?" I asked smiling.

"Kissing?, no problem, I will give you what is more than kissing," she said and walked close to me.

The first thing she did was to trap my lips in a slow kiss, and I reciprocated sharply, we kept kissing and romancing each other, I pressing her soft boobs while she dug her hand into my hair encouraging me to do more, in one swift turn, she was at the top while I was below her,  I know she was ready to devour me, so I surrendered myself.


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