Chapter 21: Next Case

Chapter 21: Next Case


              “Now that Lukan’s dead and the Institute is no longer a threat thanks to our new alpha werewolf friend, Traeger, we have to focus on the ritual murders.” I nod at Traeger, sitting to my left at the conference table, and Azazel and Mikhail are sitting to my right.

One of the Council witches raises her hand and shows us the evidence we compiled on the rituals.

              “We have at least two girls who were stabbed through the heart by a sacred knife. According to the file, each girl was supernatural. Some evidence points to witches being the culprits, but all of the covens in the area deny being involved. However, some of the evidence we’ve gathered points to my former wife, Marael, being the culprit. I sent several scouts to search for her and hope tha

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