Chapter 47


“Klaus, there’s no way…”

“Kiara, please don’t argue with me this time. Go back to the human kingdom. It is a lot safer for you there…”

“Klaus, no. I won’t leave you…”

“Kiara, this is life or death. You are with child and I will not be able to focus with you here…” Klaus cupped my cheeks and kissed me gently “Caspian, Lorenzo, guard her with your life. I will come and get her when everything is done”

My eyes widened when I saw that he had put the teleportation amulet around my neck and having ordered it to take us away, the amulet started glowing making me shake my head. I watched as my love ran out the window before everything blurred and I was suddenly in the middle of the palace’s throne room. Mother’s eyes widened when she saw me and my hands shook in fear. Father was nowhere to be seen.

“Kiara?” Mother

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