Chapter 49


I never understood what my parents feared when they said that the world outside the palace was a dangerous place. I always wanted to go out and explore. I hated being locked in the palace for years. Well, at least until I saw what I have today.

To say that getting mother out of the palace was hard wouldn’t be an understatement. However, I wouldn’t lie when I say that us leaving the palace didn’t seem like the best idea at the moment. People were on the verge of eating one another, literally.

How it happened was something that I couldn’t understand. I knew that the kingdom had its issues when I was here. However, I never expected to see what I was seeing today, nor did I expect to see the terror that I was currently witnessing.

It was like poverty had spread all around the kingdom, and now all they saw and wanted was to kill one another for the smallest loaf of bread. Had Caspian not stopped four of them, they would’ve

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