The Other Side

" I never knew you were a bloody hybrid ." muttered Damon as he enetered the main hall opening the giant door of Jefefry's place . 

" What is that suppposed to mean now ?" asked Jefefry raising his eyerows .

" I mean i never realised you are a vampire ." answered back Damon . 

" No I am not of course not ...i would die rather than being a blood sucking monster like you .Gross .Dieing is better than living like you ." making a disguisted face  and Damon looked at him with narrowed eyes ."Oh wait You aren't even fully alive are u ?" he added . 

" HAHAHA How funny . You know what when i was a kid before i knew anything about my spernatural powers i used to dream of being a werewolf ...." Damon started .

" Of course everyone wants to be like us , powerful and invincible ." intrupted Jeffey flexing his muscles . 

" Joke isn't over yet ." snapped Damon .

" Huh so getting back to the point i used watch a lot of these

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