Vivian's story

It was almost 4 days since he saw Elsa.It was so agonising .He needed a mediator .He thought of taking Ned's help.Joe was so lucky .Maria had already accepted his proposal.Lucky guy- was having colourful days and pleasant nights.His life was a dry desert ,his body an arid land .What was the use of his intelligence ,if he couldn't use it to satisfy his body.Ned was troubled already.Nancy was talking to him sweetly but not allowing him to lay his hands on her .He decided to call Ned ."Hey Ned.These girls are showing too much attitude .I am going to form a gang and break their attitude ,wanna join it?"

"Bro ,I believe in waiting for my mistress' approval.I want to win her with love for a long lasting sweet relationship."

"I bet she will keep you waiting all life long."

"I have decided to live and die for her..She has an attitude but suits her well."

Joe disconnected.He decided to deal with it himself.Elsa had first lured him and then cheated him .He called her b

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