Chapter 2 - Ungentlemanly

After his long day at school, Blaze will be meeting his parents for dinner at one of the five-star restaurants in the city and he has the haunch of what it is all about. 

Blaze's brow furrowed when he saw his parents at one of the exclusive and private tables with another couple and a girl of his age. 

"Blaze..." his mom smiled sweetly before Blaze bent down to kiss her cheek while he casually patted his father's shoulder. 

"We have guests" Blaze said but did not turn to look at the three persons at the table who had ready smiles for him. 

"This is the Mendez family, I have invited them to join us tonight so you could get to know their daughter, Lisa" Bella cheerfully explained but her eyes are cautiously staring at Blaze's unreadable face. 

Blaze just stared at his mother with his one raised eyebrow but did not say anything. Everyone was waiting for his response but they got none, so silence ruled the table while Blaze just continued to stare at his parents, alternately. 

The girl beside is trying her best to get Blaze's attention by smiling cutely at him but he remains unconcerned about what she is doing. 

"I don't need new friends..." Blaze just spoke uninterestedly and dismissively before he picked up the menu book beside his plate. 

His parents instantly became speechless and utterly embarrassed as they turned to the couple across them with their apologetic smiles. 

"Hello, Blaze...I'm Lisa Mendez..." the girl turned her whole body towards Blaze's side and sweetly started a conversation with him.

"I'll have a beef wagyu steak..." Blaze turned and talked to his mother instead of responding to the girl who never stopped smiling even if Blaze ignored her. 

Blaze scanned the wines section of the menu while still ignoring the overly excited girl beside him. 

"I also dreamed of becoming a doctor, I think doctors are awesome" the girl exclaimed sweetly which earned Blaze's attention. 

Blaze paused and suddenly turned to the girl who was startled by the way Blaze was staring at her. 

"So you are a medical student too?" Blaze asked intently with a slight interest. 

The girl was taken aback that she did nothing but gape at Blaze who was earnestly staring at her while waiting for her to answer.

" I'm not... I'm..." the girl stuttered and suddenly stopped what she was saying when Blaze suddenly became uninterested and turned away to get back to the menu book. 

"I'll have the usual wine..." Blaze turned to his mother and slowly placed the menu book beside his plate. 

"Your son is very handsome Ara" the woman across from Blaze exclaimed with her overly familiar smile towards Blaze's mother.

"Thank you" Bella responded and smiled at the woman before she turned to Blaze who was just quietly sitting with his calm and unconcerned expression. 

"You are so beautiful Lisa, isn't she Blaze?" Bella turned to ask her son who just stared back at her with his calm gaze, making Bella turn to the girl who has an effortless sweet smile towards her. 

"You two look great together...a very handsome doctor for my beautiful Lisa. You simply compliment each other" the woman exclaimed happily. 

"She might not be beautiful at all though..." everyone around the table turned to gape at Blaze when he suddenly spoke with his calm tone and unconvinced look. 

"Blaze?" Bella subtly warned and glared at her son who just stared calmly at her while the three guests instantly tensed upon hearing what he said. 

"She had undergone plastic surgery, she did her eyes, nose, and lips..." Blaze explained matters of factly with his usual calm and casual tone. 

The girl turned to gape at her parents while looking so helpless. 

Lander pinched the bridge of his nose while Bella continued to gape in embarrassment and disbelief because of what her son had shamelessly said. 

The other couple becomes awkward and so quiet while being torn between their daughter and their thoughts of what would be their proper reaction to what the Vaughn heir has pointed out. 

"Blaze apologize" Bella glared sharply at Blaze as she softly ordered with her gritted teeth, but he just stared at his mother before he turned to the girl beside him. 

"Am I wrong?" Blaze just casually asked the girl who was already on the verge of tears because of embarrassment. 

"No..." the girl whispered her response and a tear escaped from her one eye. 

"Blaze..." Bella exasperatedly glared at Blaze who remained so composed despite the rising tension around the table. 

"She said it herself, I'm not wrong" Blaze just casually replied to his mother's warning.

Bella prayed for patience as she closed her eyes tight and inhaled deeply to loosen the constriction in her chest with Blaze's shameless and unusual behavior. 

"It's okay, he is right..." the girl whispered timidly before she smiled sadly and another tear fell from her eyes. 

Blaze intently stared at the girl with his calm gaze while both of their parents were all tensed on their seats. 

"If you will stop poking your eyes with your nails then maybe you won't tear up so much..." Blaze suddenly spoke with his soft tone when he figured out what was unusual with the girl who kept on poking her eyes to shed a tear. Despite Blaze's soft tone, everyone around the table heard what he said, making Bella and Lander abruptly turn to the girl with their earnest gazes. 

The girl abruptly looked up to Blaze in total surprise when she was unexpectedly caught in the act while Blaze just stared at her with his expressionless face. 

Bella gaped at the girl and intently stared at her with her suspicious look, while Lander straightened from his seat and looked at the couple across them who instantly looked away and avoided his eyes. 

"I'm sorry if it offended you, pointing out your facial enhancement...I don't mean to be rude... But it's just too obvious not to be noticed…" Blaze apologized but not a hint of remorse was seen on his face. 

"I know it's ungentlemanly of me but I'm just not a gentleman at all.  Additionally, you are practicing your acting on me and what I hate most is to be fooled…" Blaze continued with his usual calm facade while the girl nervously gaped at him together with her parents. 

"I want to eat in peace, so pardon me if I can't entertain you during this dinner. I prefer a quiet and relaxed ambiance while eating" Blaze added while staring at the three people across from him, subtly telling them that he doesn't want to engage in any conversation anymore. 

If Blaze is indeed sincere and apologetic or just being sarcastic, no one could tell with the way he looked. Blaze simply looked calm and casual...unless you will look closer into his seeming calm's too calm...almost cold and freezing. 


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Vivienne Musse
I like him!! Straight up can’t stand false people.. want to latch onto the rich dude

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