Chapter 2726

Dash and Phoebe both looked at Eevonne together with their faces flushed. Phoebe said, "Eevonne… Miss York, no… Missus Yates…"

Eevonne smiled calmly. "I know what you meant in the past. Dash is your boyfriend. You don't allow your boyfriend to have such a mediocre ex-girlfriend like me, and you have a sense of jealousy as soon as you see me. Even if I was already an ex-girlfriend. Even if I was already someone in his past. You're still unwilling to let me go. It is also because you feel that stepping on me is as easy as stepping on an ant, so it didn't matter to you. In any case, you simply can't stand the sight of any one of Dash's ex-girlfriends. You feel disgusted and you think they are an eyesore! Therefore, even if you knew from the very beginning that I was very hardworking at work and I have never lied to the company, you didn't care either! You are the daughter of the company's director. You're a young lady from an eminent family! You're willful! You have the power to decide w
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