“Onda wake up. You’re not safe.” Mom?

I try to look around but it’s too dark to see anything. I don’t even know where I am. I feel the ground and I can tell I’m in a room; the floor is cemented.

“Baby you have to be careful.” My mother’s voice moves across the room in a whisper.

“Mom where are you? Where am I?”

The loud creak of a door echoes through the room, telling me that the room is bigger than I think. The door slams shut and I hear footsteps. I slide back, hoping to hit a wall soon but I never do. The footsteps draw closer and I ready myself for a surprise attack. I still can’t see anything so any attack would be a surprise at this point.

“You think you’re safe with them.” A voice whispers behind me. I try to turn around but my body is frozen. I can’t even turn my head. Their hot breath fans my neck and cheek as they breathe down my neck. Rough hair scratches my neck as they move closer.<

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