Chapter Twenty-One

Everyone just sat there, unsure of what to do. Nora was a mess, it had been a week since they had all destroyed Kingston, and Luka was silent. Her silence was honestly terrifying. Silence sometimes is the loudest noise. Everyone that had survived wanted to come with them to the door to purgatory. Kohl figured it was because it was such an interesting situation. Thousands of years was the last time the door had been opened and the stories of what may lie behind it could pique anyone's interest, including one of the oldest beings on this planet. Elizabeth.

Kohl was feeling impatient, he wanted so badly to get to Camilla, to save her. But it seemed as if everyone needed a break, he was trying to be too impatient. Something that Elizabeth noticed.

"Alright everyone. It's been a week now, it's time to get there and meet up with Borislav, the Grand Wizard. We don't have forever to do this, we must do it now while Luka is silent. She is most definetly planning something...nefarious
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