When the Gods Created Monsters: Weapons of War

When the Gods Created Monsters: Weapons of War

By:  Ashley Snyder  Ongoing
Language: English
10 ratings
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Nephilim exist. Lycans exist. Vampires exist. Witches exist. Now a mixed group of species race to stop two world ending threats while trying to save the only person alive that can stop the evil Goddess hell bent on taking over the world. The catch? This person has been trapped in purgatory for thousands of years and has no idea how to use her powers. Will the love from a man who doesn't love others be enough to save the planet from slavery and destruction?

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Almost done with what's written. I love the different creatures it brings in, using their actual lore as well. I'm reading her other two right now as well. Enjoying them all.
2022-10-23 06:54:55
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This one is definitely different from other books on here. I like it it's a good thing. Will make a new review when I've finished the second book
2022-06-10 10:06:51
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So I've read all that she has released so far and I am legit in love with this book. Especially Elizabeth and Kohl. Elizabeth is one of the most badass female characters I've seen.
2022-05-14 05:44:16
user avatar
I seriously am loving this book. I can't put it down. It's amazing. So different from all the other books on here and has a variety of characters and species that most of the other books in here are lacking. It's different and that makes it amazing. I can't wait to keep reading.
2022-05-13 07:18:35
user avatar
love the book so far. I see she is releasing a new chapter every day so far. hope she keeps this up. it's a great book can't wait to see where it's going to go
2022-05-07 12:06:37
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Almost done with what she has written so far. and I love it. It's supposed to be a series so this is gonna be long!
2022-05-05 01:16:32
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Thea Shlifel
its really good. I'm glad she got started on it again I know she had some serious problems going on with her health and stuff
2022-04-29 10:20:06
user avatar
Laura Mccue
loved what I've read so far but why is taking so long for new chapters?
2021-12-24 05:44:26
user avatar
Ashlynn Warren
2021-06-28 04:57:36
user avatar
Word queen
Not to bad, the chapters seem like a good length I'll probably make a new review or rating once I've read more. Like that were are totally new types of supernatural beings in this then just werewolves
2021-06-26 14:43:23
37 Chapters
*Author note: Please read on. This prologue is a very important part to the main story. Thank you for reading and supporting me and my kids! Enjoy as it will be a series and hopefully very long!*103 B.C “Mama! Mama! Please! No!” The small eight-year-old screamed in old Latin as two large men tossed her into a cage drawn by horses. They threw her like she was only garbage. She got on her knees and pressed herself against the bars gripping them till her hands were turning pale white. Tears poured from her confused and terrified green eyes as she stared at her apathetic mother. The horses began to walk, making the cage jerk hard, causing her to fall back when she got back up; her mother had a faint smile curled up in the corner of her mouth. Despite knowing it would probably be useless to beg for her release, she continued. Her mother and the seven other people seemed as if she didn't exist. They traveled deep into a thick forest where the horses could barely get to. The confused child
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BOOK 1: Chapter One
BOOK ONE: RISE OF THE LYCANSKohl took a slow, deep breath and closed his big hazel eyes wishing to not see the slaughter that lay in front of him. “This was not the faeries this time, you guys.” Peter murmured in a state of shock as his eyes dimmed from sadness, scanning the area around him. “Gee, what gave you that idea?” Kohl's eyes snapped open and he whipped his head to face the now annoyed Peter. “Don't be an ass, Kohl. I know it's hard for you, but maybe give a little effort.” Nora defended, glaring her teary eyes at him. The small town, more like a village, in the jungles of the a****n, was a town filled with dead, mutilated bodies. The destruction wasn't secluded to adults but to children and from Kohl's line of sight infants as well. Limbs were separated from their bodies and the ground sank in from a flood of blood. Small creatures took no time at all to begin moving in and feasting on the decaying flesh. The young, beautiful Jen with the long golden blonde hair and int
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Chapter Two
When the King realized no one would punish her, he had her taken from the pillory and tied to a massive pole in the center of town and stripped of her ragged clothes and was whipped fifteen times. Her screams seemed to cover the silence of the town and the surrounding farms. No one spoke and no one moved. They merely watched. Peter had then arrived moments after her last lash, hired by the King for some freelance work, he was known well across the lands for his bravery and his toughness. But when he saw the beautiful, crying woman in the middle of town, he could not let that stand. He removed himself from his horse and walked to her punisher and snatched the whip from his hands, turned it around and whipped him so many times so quickly he couldn’t react. “Leave now, or I will take this and steal the life from your worthless body!” His menacing dark eyes bore into the man and he took off running. Peter walked toward Lavinia and knelt on the ground in front of her a
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Chapter Three
The morning following that night was grey, and the smell of rain was in the atmosphere, and the wind began to scream outside, shaking the small building, but Peter got up and dressed and disappeared before Lavinia awoke. When she had, she was disappointed and heartbroken to see she woke alone. She lay down on her back, feeling ridiculous for believing he was different, but when he walked back into the tiny room with food, she felt ridiculous again for thinking for a moment that he might be. She sat up, pulling a blanket up across her chest and smiled at him. “Looks like we will be stuck here again for another night.” He sat down beside her. “How did you become…a…vampire?” The question caught him off guard, and he wasn’t sure immediately how to answer. “And how did you learn to control yourself?” “I was turned by…another very old vampire. As for controlling myself, I have a good friend, Kohl, who had taken the time to help me.” Peter couldn’t tell he
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Chapter Four
Nora looked around the hazy vision of the village. From where she stood, people ran in terror, screaming, trying to escape the mass of lycans. Tears slid silently down her face as she watched them slaughter the village of men, women, and children. She couldn’t move in her dream, and this made the intensity of the pain they all felt all the stronger. She felt her heart pounding hard, and her stomach was rolling sharp pains up her abdomen into her chest as if directly attacking her heart. She jumped violently as she looked around, her eyes laying on the lycan that ripped open the pregnant woman’s stomach and bit down on her neck. She wanted to move, she tried to escape her dream, but the dream wouldn’t release her. It had something to tell her. At this moment, she cursed the ancestors for this power. “Kill them all!” A huge man roared. He had long, thick curly blonde hair pulled back in a bun with a beard just as long and thick to match his muscular body and towering height.
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Chapter Five
“Lycans wiped out his entire family. Literally the entire family. Peter is the only one left of his genetic line. His family is thought to be the first line of vampires, so they were, and he is known to be extraordinarily powerful. Jen’s name was originally Lavinia. She’s the first and only vampire he has ever turned. All other vampires that exist are descendants of his family, but they are not related by blood. He isn’t really the only vampire, though, and is not the oldest. There is another who is like nearly four thousand years old.” Kyle answered, getting a look of surprise from Kohl. “What?” “How do you know all about that?” Kohl was surprised, and that wasn’t easy to do. “It’s in the history books…” Kyle replied, not knowing Kohl didn’t know, “I read…A lot, I like to read.” “You know a lot about him,” Nora stated, and he flashed her a slight smile, which she couldn’t help but return. “I do. I’m very interested in history, and he is a ve
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Chapter Six
Some history:Hades created what was figured to be the first vampires in hopes they would be monstrous and cause havoc on all his brother, Zeus, held dear, but some did not follow this intended path. Hades had met Martin Sinclair, one of six siblings of a noble family in 1310 while trying to enlist creatures to dismantle the people all the Gods seemed to love so much. As the guardian of the underworld, he had access to some of the worst creatures there were. Some of the most treacherous witches and warlocks known to history. In return for the promise of freedom, he requested six of them to create what would raping and murdering women whenever he so chose. He had even killed his own father and raped his mother before killing her. He was one of six, most of which were nearly as hazardous as he, but Peter and his baby sister Marylyn were the opposite. The two of them were the pictures of goodness, innocence, and true nobility, and Martin hated them for that. “Martin Sinclair. I
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Chapter Seven
An unknown amount of time passed by when Martin shot up from the dirt in a panic, but it was only for a moment when he established where he was. The pond. In front of him, one of the witches sat on his knees still. A pang of hunger shot through his stomach, and his entire body felt as if it were going to burst in flames at any moment. The agony bore on. Nicholai shot up next with the female witch in front of him on her knees and still. He wrapped his arms tightly around his stomach, feeling the same pain as his brother. Moments later, Boris and Ranaye felt the same. They all looked to Martin with anger and then the witch that knelt before Martin put a small cut into the side of his neck, and a tiny amount of blood seeped out. Martin’s eyes went solid black, inch-long fangs shot from his upper jaw where the canines should sit, and he lunged at the man’s throat, sinking his teeth deeply into him. Martin’s heart pounded at unbeatable strength and speed as the blood filled his
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Chapter Eight
“I just saw the news, you guys. It’s pretty bad.” Nora said, walking into the lounge. “Fifteen mass murders around the world, mostly here, by many different names. But people claim they’re monsters, werewolves, beasts from hell, hell hounds and the list goes on. A total of 400 have been killed in the past week by them. This is out of hand.” “I agree. I think we need to contact Elizabeth now.” Jen stated, “we need her.” “She is a bitch,” Peter argued. “Yes, she is, but she is a powerful bitch who would love to jump on the hunting lycan bandwagon. Remember, she helped you a lot in the defeat against the lycans the first time.” Jen said. “Well, if we’re going to pull together an army, then we need to call Gabriel too.” Peter declared. “This should be interesting,” Kohl muttered. “Why? Why would it be interesting?” Nora asked. “Both of them are strong personalities, bossy. And to a point rude, not Kohl rud
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Chapter Nine
Elizabeth stood about five foot five with long brown hair and emerald green cat eyes. She was fair skinned, with high cheekbones, and was covered in tattoos, which had been magically applied since traditional ones didn’t stick. She was wearing a black and red leather corset, a long black velvet coat, and pleather stiletto boots with a long black leather skirt with a slit all the way up the side. She held a wine glass full of warm blood standing in the center of her ballroom, admiring the large windows staring at the huge moon. She turned around to see a large man standing at the entrance moments later a couple dozen more piled in with him. “I don’t remember ordering all of you, but that’s alright; I have a lot of stamina.” She winked, knowing full well what they were. “We’re here to kill you.” The man stated she smiled. “Well, this isn’t a fair fight.” “Well, we needed to be sure we had enough to kill you. Sorry if it’s too many.” He said sarcastically. “Oh, honey, no, you misun
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