Epilogue- Faith

Warm water trickles down my leg as another contraction squeezes my insides in an invisible vice grip. I groan loudly, clutching the counter and leaning over. I hear a clattering beside me and I look over, seeing Izzy holding his little stuffed puppy, his eyes wide in fear. He looks so much like Cameron right now. I smile through the pain as he tentatively steps closer. 

“Mommy, you peeped your pants on the floor?” he asks in his sweet 3-year-old voice and I chuckle.

“No baby, mommy is going to have a baby. Do you know where mommy’s phone is?” I ask, hoping he might remember where I had it last since I never can recall these days where I put anything. 

“Um. Yep!” His tiny little legs work hard as he runs out of the bathroom and bangs around in the living room.

“Iz. Izzy?” I call to him.

“Yeah, mommy?”

“Did you find it?”

He walks into the bathroom, holding my phone, and I nearly fall over with rel

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Lisa Allsopp
this story was truly amazing. I loved it. I couldn't put it down. I wish it didn't have to end.
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Thank you!!!! I am so happy you loved it!!
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Grace Stephens
Loved, loved, loved …..wait did I say loved? This book was well written. I’m not a grammar nut, I even have to turn my books over to my mom aka my editor before publishing them lol. So won’t find my complaints on that. Great job!
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