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Picking it up I slightly gasped. "It looks really good Mrs. Kimberly". I commented.

"Thanks, but you can call me Elena". Mrs. Kimberly said with a smile.

  Holding the brown knotted blanket to my chest I looked at Duke and smiled.

"You guys just have to knit or paint the design on it". Elena said with a smile.

"Thanks Mom". Duke agreed.

Turning around, Duke walked of the room. I rushed after him.

"So which one of the project are we doing?" I asked.

"Painting". Duke answered. And O nodded in response.

"Are you going to drive me home huh?" I asked further.

Duke turned around and stopped in front of me.

"You should stay for dinner, you probably haven't had a family dinner in a long time". Duke recommended.

I have had a lot of hunters dinner gatherings of that counts.(I said within me in thought).

  "Umm, I guess". I said trying not to sound weird towards him.

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