Blood Crown

Blood Crown

By:  Diana Matthew  Ongoing
Language: English
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Roxanne had the life any girl her age could ask for—the perfect family and the most popular girl in school...But what if it wasn't enough? On her 19th birthday, she slept away the day, her perfect life quickly turning upside down. Her parents were acting weird, Her boyfriend cheated on her, and now she was kidnapped by five handsome guys! Thrown into a world she never knew existed, a world of wolves, lies, rituals, and betrayal...Roxanne' life was changed forever. She was torn between trusting those she came to love...or falling victim to their deception.

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®All Rights Reserved. Diana Matthew ©Copyright 2024Before you start reading this book... The content of this book is explicit, if you are underage and cannot handle such content. Please, Do Not Read This but, if you continue, you are agreeing to being exposed to content that is not suitable for people with immature mindset. If you see anything you do not like, PLEASE DO NOT BLAME THE AUTHOR. Do not say I didn't warn you. 18+🔞 Moving on... No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any more or by any mass electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the author. Please, Take Note: This is a book of fiction. All characters, names, places, incidents and behavior are from my imagination, used with no intentions of hurting anyone; Any resemblance to any actual living thing or dead is mainly by coincidence and I sincerely apologise. I have no right over the pictures used, credit goe
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She sat on her silver and ebony throne, a queen. With an exhilarated expression in her soulless eyes that suggested a fire blazing inside them, she fixed her gaze on her prey. As her aura changed to something ominous and oppressive yet attractive, she lay back on her throne, one leg crossed over the other, and allowed her control and aura to be felt in every corner of the space. It was just as delicious, and once you took a sniff, you quickly became hooked and killed without realizing it. She glanced at them, a smirk stretching over her bow-shaped lips that seemed to have been colored with something bolder and darker than blood, and her eyes glittered with a predator's gleam. She watched them more like prey and pawns than her people. “All hail the Luna!” They fell to their knees and bowed until their foreheads touched the glossy black floor tiles at the thunderous and unrestrained order, hailing the powerful Luna. She watched them with thrill, and as she laughed, the esoteric and
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Roxanne's mouth hit the floor."Come on, Mom, it's my birthday today, I promise to be back before 10 p.m." Gosh, she wasn't even a child anymore. She was 19 and in college!For some reason, Roxanne could read the tyranny in her Mother's brown eyes and it was escalating with each ticking second, followed by the continual twitch of her fingers that she was attempting to hide. Roxanne didn't need to be a genius to know something was going on. "You can't leave this house tonight. T-they are going to come for you; you can never step out!" Mrs. McKenna's breath hitched with every word. For once, she wished things would go her way. It has been 19 years, why now? Why ever?Roxanne's lips slightly parted in disbelief and quickly, her brown eyes went to her Father, who, compared to his wife, was still acting rational. "They? What's going on, Dad? Who's coming for me?"She didn't want to inquire but she wasn't fooled by their behavior which started a few months ago. They were constantly on the
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"Is that so, Gloria? Tell me more." Roxie’s voice was barely distinguishable as she stalked toward Gloria, who had a grin adopting on her lips. If she couldn't satisfy her trophy boyfriend, someone else was going to do it for her. It was as simple as that. Gloria laughed. She stepped forward, her lips parting to carry on but Roxie was faster as she readily reached out and seized her roughly by the hair and smashed her face into the washing sink that was brimming with blocks of ice. Gasps full of dread ruptured from everyone, but they sounded like cheers in Roxie’s ears, followed by an influx of authority in her veins that felt phenomenal as she drove Gloria’s face deeper down the ice, relishing every cry of anguish she left out. "Roxie!" Ryker exclaimed, reaching out for his girlfriend who looked out of her mind. It was mortifying! However, she prodded him off and thrust harder on Gloria's head, wanting to derail that face she used in snatching her boyfriend! Filthy swine! Roxie
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Roxanne's eyes sprang wide when she felt constant bouncing on her bed. Roxie grumbled; her foggy vision dropping on her 6-year-old brat of a brother. What the hell! She grunted and rolled onto her side, hiding herself behind the sheets and pillows. "Stop it, Alex!" She simply wanted to sleep—it was like death without commitment, but the world had other intent, as the covers were quickly ripped from her body. Roxie jolted up straight. "Alex!" She warned with a glare, but the little demon laughed, got off the bed, and ran out of her bedroom without closing the door behind him. "ALEX!" She was going murder that little rogue! She exhaled and combed her fingers through her unkempt black hair. Just because her life wasn't so straight anymore, didn't mean her hair had to suffer the same cause. "Roxanne!" Roxie held back a grunt as Savannah appeared at the door frame with a vexed expression. She moved in. "Oh, you're still asleep, it's noon baby sister," There was something icy in her
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Roxie clenched her fists around the shopping bags and stepped back— the guy stepped forward. She gasped, looking straight at his face, and unfortunately noticed he was rather appealing. If the scenario had been different, Roxie knew she would have whistled...perhaps asking if he was single, but it wasn't, and she was going to die! Roxie panicked and took a step back again as he closed the gap, his golden eyes looking her down with a blanket of blankness. She didn't want to notice how incredibly charming he was but she did—he was fine. How stupid Roxie! She took another step back, this time intending to flee, but when she quickly turned, she collided with another board chest. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked up to face a set of violet eyes. What was with the eyes? Roxie couldn't help but grimaced. She nervously licked her lips and giggled. "Please believe me when I say that I have never offended anyone. I'm innocent!" Maybe she wasn't entirely innocent. Gloria and a fe
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When Roxanne opened her eyes again she found herself looking at a wooden ceiling with a throbbing in her head. She winced and pushed herself to a sitting posture on the little bed. What the hell! She rubbed against her forehead and took a quick check of her surroundings, but there was nothing to gaze at, save the little bed she was sleeping on; there was a door but no windows. This was no late birthday celebration; she'd been abducted! Roxie realized with a gasp. How long did she sleep?! Her cellphone. Roxie forgot the pain in her head as she checked her pockets, only to discover her phone missing. Those scumbags. What did they even want from her?! Roxie sprang out of bed and began hammering on the wooden door. "Hey! Let me out of here. I didn't do anything to anybody!" In this life, she'd done plenty to people but only because they came at her first and she didn't go down without a fight. "Please let me go, you've got the wrong girl!" She shouted again, and the door swung open,
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Screw it! Roxanne knew she was going to die the second four more wolves appeared behind the first one, their black eyes looking more lethal and their fangs ready to rip some skin."Ciel, take her and leave; we will keep them at bay!" Roxie snapped her head to violent eyes who yelled and she almost wanted to bite off his head. There were plenty of places to kidnap someone but instead, these cretinous yet gorgeous guys thought it would be best to take their victims to a wolf-infested forest, and now they were all going to die as a result of their stupidity!Ciel sharply turned to face her, taking hold of her wrist. “Let’s get you out of here!”Roxie knew she should keep her mouth shut and just follow the man but she ended up shouting before he could start pulling her. “Wait!! Where’s the handsome one?” That was stupid, but she had not yet fed her eyes sufficiently enough. He was not permitted to die!Every human head in the room snapped around to look at her in bafflement.“We are all
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"Hey! I need to pee!" Roxanne bashed the door, each bang was louder than the last. "Is there anyone out there? I'm going to pee on the floor! Open the door damnit!" She pressed her ear against the door, hoping to detect the sound of footsteps and a grin stretched on her lips when she did. She footed away from the door as it finally unlocked, disclosing a bearded man with a fatigued expression."What?!" His tone came out brisk but he could go fuck himself for all she cared.Roxie clutched her legs together and bent with her hand over her stomach. "I need to pee."He did a speedy scan over her with his dull eyes. "Do you take me for a nitwit? This isn't a fucking movie princess. Stay there before I tie you to the bed." He hissed, striving to shut the door but she grabbed it."Please, I swear I'm not fibbing. I really need to use the toilet. Please, please!" She bit painfully on her bottom lip and clenched her legs even tighter. Again, his eyes went aimlessly over her before he blew ou
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She sat on her throne with an impious grin on her lips as the guards dragged a servant girl by the arms roughly into the throne room and threw her at her feet. “Please!” the servant pleaded with tears streaming down her face.She got up from her throne and approached the servant with a malignant glint in her eyes. She stopped in front of her and squatted to her level. A queen didn't go down for anybody but this one, she was ready to make an exception. “You tried to poison me, servant?” She laughed; her voice echoed throughout the hall; her aura was felt by everyone. She held her hand out and a goblet of wine was placed on her palm. She held it to the servant's face. “I saved this just for you. Want to have a taste?” The servant shook her head in fear but a Queen didn't take no for an answer as she grabbed the servant's mouth forcibly and with a laugh, she dumped the liquid of poisoned wine in her mouth and made sure no drop touched the floor.Feeling satisfied, she threw the goble
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