“Dylan you should not have done that to Cleopatra not at all”, Iris chided, “You can not win her heart that way, if there is anything you only drove a wedge between you two” 



“Iris it hurt me to see that Ivan was back and at her house”, he replied, “I thought that was the end, that I would never have to deal with him…”

“Hey!”, Iris cut him off, “I like him, and he likes me too"



Dylan chuckled, “For your sake I hope it is the truth. I see the way he looks at her like the way someone in love does”, he pointed at his chest, “I know it because that is the exact same way I look at her. Cleopatra reciprocates his feel…” 

Iris plopped down on the chair, “You think I do not know it? You think I do not see it? You think I am dumb and oblivious to reality…”, tears dropped from he
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