Chapter - 1

Kashvi's Pov.:-

I stepped out from the airport to look for my name card in the waiting crowd also that enjoying the wind flying my hair and dress.

My eyes roamed around in search of my name and there it was . one man was flying my name card while looking for me. I giggled at his childish free nature.

I waved my hand high to catch his eyes on me. He too waved back when he saw me. While reaching to him I studied his personality. He got some good features with a buildup body like a fighter body man. I got some wrong vibes from him by looking at his face which was looking kind of dominating with beards but I reasoned myself saying ' perhaps it's just my illusion '.

After introducing ourselves to each other and sharing formal greetings. I walk with him . he placed my luggage in the car with that I sit in my seat and he drove the car to drop me at my destination.

I closed my eyes with guilt in my heart. I am feeling down because everything was in front of my eyes and I never peel it clearly to see the reality of Amoli's misery.

I used to call her my good friend first then my sister-in-law but what I did. I never asked anything about her being okay or good in marriage. Why? because I thought my brother is a good man and he will treat his wife like his queen.

But the truth of harsh reality I forgot that maybe someone is good to you is doesn't mean that that person is good with others too.

I went wrong in judging my brother.

Therefore, here I am in this hill station away from my family telling them that I am going to attend my friend's wedding but In reality, I came here for my peace which I was not getting around my family members, as the environment in my family is high in negatively.

Because everyone is angry on Varun bro. So I am also, that's why I decide to come here because I know he is now regretting and I am melting seeing him broken in guilt which is not justifying for Amoli because she had also faced all things alone. Therefore it's bro's punishment to face all this alone.

That's how this is also the one more reason for me to come here. And this place is really beautiful which I am visiting again. It's the second time that I have come here.

Suddenly car halts in the middle of the way because we haven't reached my brother's hotel causing me to look at my driver with calculative eyes. Yes, my brother Varun's hotel. I am going to stay in it with a different identity so that no one could know about my stay here another wise my whole family members will flight here in my search.

" What happened? " I asked the driver. He looked at me with his emotionless face which again passes me bad vibes which says something is fishy but I am not that pussy cat weak woman. I know how to fight and deal with such kinds of situations.

Plus point is that my family will kill him and his whole relatives if he dares to hurt me.

He pointed outside the window to show me the public washroom.

" Nature's call," he said and I chuckled and motioned him to go. He went out meanwhile I slapped myself for my overthinking. It seems I should stop watching those TV shows of criminals around me.

Getting restless I too climbed down from the car and the cold wind embrace my body. I took deep breaths to dance my body in the joy of pure and fresh air.

" Seems like coming here is my wise decision,  " I said to myself looking at the beautiful right before me.

I looked around, valleys are looking so wonderful like they are marvels of God's creation and it's somewhat true because nature is itself a god's gift or blessings to us, all living organisms.

I mutter my favourite song while enjoying beautiful scenery right before my sight with soil, flowers and plants fragrance in the air.

My please full moment broke when I heard a cry. Yes, cry of a kid, questioning I looked around and there that kid was crying across the road opposite to me while rubbing his hand over his tear dripping eyes.

He is looking nearly like a 5-year-old kid. He is calling his mother but she is not around him. I think he is lost.

I ran to him and kneeled before him to match his height. However, the kid was startled by my proximity yet he continued his weeping.

" Aww, baby don't cry. Why are you crying? " I asked him and he stopped crying only to look at me with his innocent moist eyes.

This state broke my heart and made me emotional because his cry eyes somewhat remind me of my elder brother Varun's face.

I wiped tears away from his soft chubby cheeks and plant kisses over them causing him to shrink in shyness. He smiles but still looked around for his mother.

I observe him. He is in his school uniform and has his I.D card around his neck. I looked at it keenly to know his name was shiv and he was a first-class student in private school. from his I.D. card, I got his guardian's contact number.

I dialled the number. it rang!

" Hello " I heard a very manly and sexy husky voice. I cleared my throat to pull my brain back into reality. Mentally shouting at myself that he is a married man.  Girl stop your prince charming dreams 

I informed the man about the situation whom I assume as kid's father who requested me to drop his son in his office as he is stuck at work and his wife is stuck in traffic who is unable to pick up their child.

Although I got angry with this man who is so selfish and careless towards his blood. At the same time who gives more importance to his work than his son.

Meanwhile, the driver also came to me running and asked me several questions as he had learnt them. Releasing a frustrating sigh I narrate him all the things from starting.

After giving him the address we all sit inside the car. while I gave the kid some dry snacks packet to eat since it was lunchtime and he must be hungry.

Meanwhile, my driver suggests to me saying " Mam I will drop the kid at his father. Let me drop you to your room safe first ".

" How heartless you are. Here this child is crying for his parents and you want to drop me first " I shout at him to which he said that ' He was just suggesting his opinion '.

This behaviour has its reason. I don't trust this driver with this child because this driver's owl-like scary eyes, alerting me that he will harm this kiddo in my absence. that's why I will drop him myself. Can't take any risk to regret in future.



We arrived at our destination. It's a huge building looking like a business company and now it's early evening so I took the child in my arms who was now in deep sleep.

I walk towards the entrance gate of the building and the security guard let me in only after confirming about me to someone over the phone while they stopped my driver at the entrance gate.

I walk inside along with a small kid in my hold.

Only pin drop silence welcomed us in the hall where no one living being was present. I shrugged the unknown scary warning which was warning me ' don't go inside or you won't be able to come out from this silence '

I took the lift to reach the suggested floor which was guided by a security guard.

The lift door opened after a ping sound. I stepped out to walk towards the office like chamber.

" Come in," said a voice from the door closed chamber, even before me knocking which took me in surprise and I wondered that how this man knows that I am behind the doors and was about to knock.

I looked around only to see CCTV cameras. I pass an annoyingness filled face towards it and stepped inside.

The beauty of the office made me look around in amazement like it's some kind of marvel.

My dreaming fantasy is broken by a harsh high sound of throat clearing. I looked up beside me at some steps away to see a man seated on a chair with crossed legs resting over an office working table.

I took deep breaths when my brown eyes made eye contact with his grey mysterious eyes.

' he is handsome creation of God . ' my brain screamed reading his Greek god-like features through my eyes.

But his eyes cause something in me. Seems like his beautiful features themselves are telling me a dark ugly story of him.

Only by looking at his eyes does my sixth sense shout ' he is not looking a good guy although he is handsome. a suggestion is you should run or leave in a short period before welcoming yourself into any unwanted trouble '

After clearing my dry throat I said " hello I am kashvi and I am here to drop your son to you. I think you remember me we had talked on cell a while before "

He just nods his head with the same emotionless harden face but his clenched jaw, fury in his eyes and popped up blood veins in his hands couldn't stay hidden from my eyes.

He is looking furious but why?  I haven't done anything to him.

I placed the sleeping kid on the couch of his office and said " okay then I am leaving ".

Saying this I turned around to go but before I could even take one step forward. The door opened like a burst of the bomb.

A red puffy-eyed woman came running inside while behind her force of 4-5 men suited in bodyguards uniform trying to catch her.

But they failed and stood outside the door with bowed heads while the woman took the sleeping child in her arms only to shower motherly kisses to the sleeping kid still crying in tears.

" I think you are her mother " I was saying to that lady but without listing to me she bowed in front of the seated man who was sitting behind the office working table.

With that, She left the office after getting a reply from the man by his fingers which says you're dismissed and you can go freely.

' something is fishy no Not something, everything is fishy kashvi run from here ! ' my brain suggests to me. After this, I didn't need any rocket science knowledge that I should run from here but before I could step outside the room, the door closed automatically with a click sound saying it's locked now.

' it's a trap to catch you kashvi. Save yourself ! ' my brain shouts in my head in panic.

I turned around to look at the man.

" Open this dam door. I have to go back to my house because if I didn't reach on time then my family will bring Cops here. " I lied to him to make him scared of me so, that he won't harm me and let me free.

Because this silent sight giving goosebumps all over my body causing me to go frighten an unknown fear.

Hiding my scared from behind my furious expression face. I clenched my fist tightly to stop a shiver from running down in my spins.

He put his finger over his forehead and caress it while standing high showing his 6'3 feet height.

He took steps in my direction but I didn't move an inch from my place due to panic.

His every step promotes evil butterflies dance in my stomach. I don't know why but his every step screaming that I will cry over my fate for coming here.

He stepped into my personal space intimidating me with his high and dark aura.

" Listen, baby girl. An apple of the eyes of your family. no one in your family knows that you are here as according to your lie to your family you are at your friend's wedding function currently which was held in other states not here " he said in his dangerous manly husky voice while pulling my chin high to make face to face contact. his proximity, his touch brings a jolt of shivers in my body of unknown fear.

Judging him, his way of talking and his aura. I assume him to be some mafia or some in-legal world's boss.

" You are caught in my trap Arora girl," he said while pulling my hair back causing my head to fall backward with bringing out hisses of pain from my mouth. My head hurts but still, I didn't break weak in front of him.

The realisation of my stupidity rush into my brain. That child was not his child everything was a trap and I don't need to ask it from him since his victory smirk was saying everything. I should have listened to that driver. fuck it!

" Hey, you brainsick man. Leave me. let go of me, you don't know anything about me. My family is so powerful, if you dare to harm me in any way then think yourself to be dead " I threaten him in my fearless voice.

I pushed him back hard to make him stumbled in his steps.

Supposing to take it as an advantage. I ran towards the door and jerk its handle to break its lock but my luck didn't kiss victory in it.

In horror I don't know where I lost my voice, suddenly I was thrown back by him. My body landed on the marble shining floor, hitting my head hard in the process. Due to this my eyes sight became blurry with my head spinning around kicking me in a semi-unconscious state due to the impact of force.

He slapped me hard on my face causing my side lip to bleed showing how hard an impact that slap had while my cheek burns in pain.

Tears ran down my eyes. I caught my breaths back when he pulled me on my feet by dragging up my messy hairs with no ounce of pity.

" Maybe your family is powerful but not that much to match my level of power " he breathes out his overconfidence dripping words.

" Leave me you punk before I kill you " I warned him because I am not a weak girl to get afraid of fighting back.

He didn't show any reaction to stepping back or leaving me. I tried to punch him on his face but he caught my hand in the air saving his disgusting face.

" Stop giving empty threats. You *chuckle*  You, You will kill me. That's a nice joke of this day. Look at yourself first and then me. I big powerful than you while you like a weak stick which will break in two parts only by an air push " he said sarcastically making fun of my lean body.

He twists my hand behind my back causing me to look up at him with painful eyes but I am still not ready to give up. I struggle to free myself from his death grip but as nature has made a rule itself by giving men more physical power than women so I couldn't.

I dug my pencil heel on his feet but no wanting reaction welcomed me. Rather than hissing in pain, he smirked at my struggling.

" Why are you doing this to me? What do you want? " I asked him and seems like he was waiting for me to ask these questions to him from the very start. He again smirked leaving my hands.

He walks back towards the working table and set over it with one leg resting over another one on the floor. He hands-on each side of him balancing his body on the table.

His eyes moved from my face to toe then toe to my eyes causing me to shrink my body in an uncomfortable feeling.

I rubbed my biceps while hugging myself to calm down my raising shivers of fear.

" Why I am doing this? So the answer is that I wanted to kill you before but now I have changed my mind after seeing your these firing self. I would love to crush your this  bitching attitude under my shoes by making you my slave " his manly dominating voice boomed in whole silence dripping room to echo it in my ears.

Meaning of his words soaked in my head. In reflex, I ran to the door to save myself. my brain is stuck in the process, it's not working properly. My body is dancing in panic.

My grip on the door handle is weak and sweaty as my hands are shivering and sweating in the meantime.

Here I am supposed to call my family so, I pulled out my cellphone from my handbag and opened it. It asked for the password.

I typed in a hurry while struggling to type correctly as I was panicking.

I saw him rushing to me with long strides causing me to run away from him . he too followed me while I again filled the password as the first attempt showed an invalid password for that I mentally killed myself for putting the password in my phone.

My phone opened and I thanked my stars for that and a little relief breath in my system. On the other hand, he is following me to catch me while shouting at me to stop and give my cellphone to him or he will not show any mercy on me but I didn't give ear to his warning and concentrate on my phone.

My brother Kabir's name came into my sight and I pushed my fingers on his name but in all this, I forgot that he is not in India and his this number cellphone is at home in his room's drawer in switch-off mode.

I disconnect the call when I got the reply that the number you are dialling is switch-off.

I tried to call my parents or Varun bro. Yes tried because this psycho scratch my phone from my hands and hit it hard on the wall to break it which lead to its nonworking machine.

I gasped as my last hope of escape slip down from my hands through my fingers gaps like sand.

My body hit the ground with that sting like hot burning aching on my left cheek. I hold my painting cheek. Yes, he slapped me and let me tell you that was strong plus more painful than his previous one. Before I even could do anything he hovered over me while pulling my hand away from my face to clutch them in his. He pushed down my body's back flat on the floor.

I pushed him away from me with my both hands while breaking into tears but like a non-living being, like a demon, he didn't show any mercy.

I am regretting coming here without informing my family and regretting not listing my driver's suggestions.

I judged him by his appearance but the truth is that which I learnt today that ' if someone is good looking doesn't mean that he or she is beautiful heart person  and if someone is ugly looking by their appearance is doesn't mean that he or she is harmful or scary '

" Leave me or my brothers and my whole family will kill you and your complete family " I  warned him because it's true they will do it to anyone who dares to harm me.

But with a mocking smirk on his face, he said in his drunken voice " your family won't know about it because they don't have any idea of your current whereabouts.

And about killing or destroying me and my family than wild cat, first save yourself from me here then we will see what will happen in future.

Call your family and brothers let's see who will come to save you "

Saying this he tore my upper dress's straps and pulled it down. I shout for my dignity, self-respect, purity.

" Help! Please somebody help! Maa! papa! Bro! Kabir Bro! *Sob*







No !!!!! " ... I shout




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