Chapter - 7

Kashvi's Pov.:-

My nose can smell a smell of soil, plants, nature while my ears are ringing with the twitting sounds of birds, the roaring of wild animals, the bustling of some insects.

I opened my eyes when I felt cold and uncomfortable soon after that realisation knock on my brain's door. I found myself in the same shelter under the root den in which I passed out, out of fatigue. I keenly looked around to look if anyone is around me or not.

" Thank god I am safe " I thanked my stars.

By god, grace path is all clear. I walk out from there not knowing where to go, as I had lost my way the previous night while running back into this forest.

My throat is dry, I hiccuped, my body is asking for water then food as after the continuous hiccups my stomach too gurgle asking for food.

But I walk with eyes, ears open, all

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