The Internet

The Internet

By:  Wendigo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Seven is a socially awkward teenager who was fortunate enough to find love online. everything changed when the truth about his girlfriend was revealed and now he is stuck between fighting for his life, his friends, and his sanity.

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22 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Problem
“Funny thing is how we met. And then the way we connected. If anybody had told me I’d be in a relationship soon, I’d have dou – are you even listening to me?”Seven watched his younger sister, Angel, frustratingly, as she snores lightly. She sat across him in their living room, as the mid-afternoon rays sneaked through the curtains, highlighting part of Seven’s face.Angel arched her head sideways until her auburn braids fell, almost covering her entire face. Seven's voice had dragged her out of her light nap. “Oh, you were telling that story again?” She groaned.“Unbelievable!” Seven dramatically threw both hands in the air. “Imagine, I was demonstrating and using all my theatrical mannerisms to give more details to my true life story just so you could enjoy it, and here you are; sleeping while I perform for the spirits! That's disrespectful!”“But you've sha told this
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Chapter 2
Seven collapsed on his bed. The lights were still down.  He uncomfortably adjusted the pillow supporting his neck so he could stare directly at the ceiling. The conversation he earlier had with his sister replayed and he dissected the dialogue word for word to find the hidden meanings as it is a habit of his.Remembering what his sister said made him sigh heavily. He wished someone believed in this relationship as much as he did.He fell into a deep sleep after plugging his phone into a socket, hoping that electricity comes back on.So he could talk to the love of his life.***A light haze flickered before two purple-hued entities. Then a sudden warped space appeared where the two hues danced about like two distant fairies. Everything began to move closer before it disappeared. A white room materialized. Someone was inside, wearing a white robe. The floor of the room tore apart, having a form similar to a mischievous grin. It swallowed the fi
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Chapter 3
 Vertical Technologies Ltd., Lagos Headquarters.Prime dealers in computer hardware components, accessories, and leaders in the mass importation of smartphones, laptops, desktops, printers, cameras, and other gadgets. The building was a modern marvel. You could tell that it has undergone numerous renovations. Old as the Tafawa Balewa Stadium. The High-rise building towered at six-stories and the company insignia constructed at the top.The black Venza came to a stop at the front entrance and a pair of Italian shoes kissed the washed interlocked tiles. Mr. Oladele Olalekan's fitted navy blue three-piece suit was knit-sharp as his slender 5-foot-ten frame smartly made it to the front entrance.The motion sensors picked up, welcoming the billionaire.  The secretary’s greeted him with a warm inviting smile. He gave her a slight nod. A couple of ‘good mornings’ from his employees had him nodding like a Lizard. Never really paying m
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Chapter 4
 A round of laughter rang in his head while staring into the distance with his phone still in his hand. Seven was not aware of the tears. He remembered the times he spent talking to her — too scared to call her name.It was not even an actual name. All made up. The name. The person. The emotions.They talked about practically everything. How she would tell him about her greatest fears. Losing him topped the list. She had many dreams and one of them was to finally meet Seven and reveal to him the things she believed he was not prepared to know.The idea of withheld information gave Seven a sense of thrill. Anticipation. Of the unknown. The picture was so clear in his mind and it gave him hope for a brighter future. A future with her in it. Getting to touch her every single day. And getting to finally know her. Bare. That future did not seem like forever anymore and Seven enjoyed the moments before it was to come. Nigeria would be heaven, amidst
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Chapter 5
Okonta Daniel whizzed through Vertical Technologies’ Customer Care unit. He brought his wrist to view to check his timepiece and saw that he was late for the meeting. His colleagues could not help laughing at the comedy of a man as he ran across their cubicles with crumpled files loosely clenched under his left arm, and the other adjusting his glasses.He knew he would have to apologize, once again, for his symbolic tardiness.Normal employees would have lost their jobs if they tried to pull the stunts Daniel pulled. Everyone knew that it was Daniel’s significant skills that kept him in the job.Daniel was panting as he darted up the stairs.If only I had a girlfriend.He practically barged into the room.“I’m sorry, everyone. Sorry for keeping you all waiting.”Grumbles all over the General Meeting Room.The room had a whiteboard mounted on the wall close to the door. The center table was
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Chapter 6
After three matches, Gentrix was convinced that there was something off about tonight. Half an hour ago she had woken up with phlegm stuck in her throat which she rushed to the bathroom to spit out.The sleep was long gone so she decided to play FIFA on her PlayStation 4 console. Of which she’s been losing to Madrid woefully. Ball possession was not in her favor. Not only had Madrid smashed her with four goals, but they had also taken a 65% ball possession.Gentrix dropped her gamepad in frustration and groaned.Just as she rested her head on both her palms, her phone came to life.It was a specific alarm, different from her normal iPhone ringtone.Jaden Smith’s “U” rang to life, and that tone was assigned to only one contact.Only him.Gentrix picked up the phone and stared at the screen.3 NEW UNREAD MESSAGES.She unlocked her iPhone to check who the message was from.Him.
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Chapter 7
NEW MESSAGE (6)The laptop screen came to life when Milkos was removing his shorts. He was just coming back from the Akara joint two houses away from his, where he went to get breakfast. He opened the messages as he was munching on a piece. The message was from an unknown contact on WhatsApp. As he read the contents of the message, his eyes widened.This is too good to be true. Finally. He mused.He minimized his WhatsApp Web and opened his Tracking Software.And got back to work, stuffing the remaining Akara inside his mouth. **** Unlike Wale, this was Seven’s first time inside an Interrogation Room. The closest to this he had ever been was on one of the many crime dramas he followed on Cable Television. Those had one-way monitoring rooms guise as mirrors, lights everywhere, an iron desk, and a chair for the suspect.But this one was dimly-lit, four chairs, an old table with the edges brazed
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Chapter 8
 “W- w- what do you mean by ‘David is a computer’?” the entire room started to spin around Seven. He stared at this man with his irritable grins. Wishing he had never embarked on this in the first place. Now sitting beside a chronic lair and staring into the dangerous eyes of their abductor, he wished he had stayed home.Olalekan removed his suit and draped it around his chair. The tension brought the heat. Heat brought sweat, he hated to sweat. He has had a lot of successes across his entire life but he has never come close to achieving anything with children or teens which is why his long line of children gadgets and gaming software were managed by his partners.Kids are energy-consuming. The only energy he wants to be consumed is the one that is exhausted during one of his numerous heated one night stands. Not by an emotionally, mentally, psychologically underdeveloped human.The boy looked like the confusion and the impen
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Chapter 9
Firstbank, Lagos.Yaba Branch.Since crowded places made him nauseous, Milkos did not flinch when he got sandwiched into the stuffy Transaction Area of the banking hall. He had come to deposit some cash. The line of people on the deposit queue was almost fifteen feet long. So he opted for a cold cup of water from the dispenser while waiting for the queue to be decongested.When it was finally his turn to perform his transaction, he walked up to the counter, smiled at the beautiful bank representative and slid his fat wad of a thousand naira notes across it, the rep took the money and counted with the machine.While she was busy shuffling the cash and recounting, he placed a black square micromagnetic device on the slab, finger-flicked it. He aimed for her System Unit which fortunately for him was propped on the same desk where the Monitor sat.The device silently stuck to the System Unit.Milkos was delighted.The light-skinned repres
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Chapter 10
2014.Vertical Technologies Ltd.Inside the restricted area of the Information Department breathed a two-ton machine swarmed with hundreds of wires that were connected to monitors and work stations. Each work station had an operator and each operator was assigned to a particular web audience. Their job was to arrange and redirect the data provided by this monstrosity of a machine to the designated clients. There were however over fifty work stations and operators, it was a chaotic environment during operating hours.The elevator dinged open, he stepped out, clad in a three-piece navy blue suit and a briefcase, walking briskly towards the main office. His office. Hours earlier he had received an error report from one of his assigned assistants about the monster machine not being able to perform tasks. Such an error can be brutal. Clients who pay dearly for their goods and wears to reach their desired audience demand that they get optimum impressions before their
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