It was just another party at Trevor's with Steve picking Liam up.

It was evening and Liam was all dressed up and ready. Jasmine wasn't attending the party but promised to attend the actual Halloween party leaving Liam to wait for Steve alone.

"You look really nice," Steve commented on checking Liam out. "And no, don't tell me you're wearing just another regular t-shirt and jean cause damn, you'd look fine in even the most simple clothes."

Liam beamed. He knew he looked good when he looked into the mirror. He was wearing a dark colored turtle necked top and grey ripped jeans. His hair was brushed and shone. He had Steve's necklace on, glistening as he walked. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Steve turned the car on. "Tomorrow's Halloween. What are you wearing?"

"Just a t-shirt and jeans," Liam looked out of the window. "Told you I'm not a fan of all those things."

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Tell me about it!
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I know! he really was!!
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Nooo! Steve wake up! How are you so oblivious of everything!

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