Alpha, Will You Be Mine Together With Your Son?

Alpha, Will You Be Mine Together With Your Son?

By:  LovelyKimK  Completed
Language: English
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Tristan Lang finds out he's omega and sold to the alpha of his pack after being lied to all his life. He runs from his pack leaving behind his omega best friend with promise that he will come for him when he settles down. Lvan Ash, the alpha leader of the moonlight wolf pack finds his mate. But, not only is his mate a male but also omega. Will Lvan accept Tristan as his mate despite who he is? ******The book cover is not mine*****

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Sue Obour
Love this book.
2022-04-06 00:04:11
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Dyera Laura
I enjoyed the book! Can I get your contactt for business inquiries?
2022-03-15 00:43:38
35 Chapters
Author's Note.
Readers, please mind, not everything in this novel is true. Towns, cities and so on, mentioned in this novel are all my imagination and so, does not exist in real life. This novel involves paranormal beings like Werewolves, Vampires, Dragons, and so on. Warning: This novel contains the mentioned of sexual violence and that of slavery, sexual explicit between two men and male pregnancy. ********* If you still want to read knowing what this novel contains, then I hope you journey with me till the end of this novel, 'Alpha, Will You Be Mine Together With Your Son' of Moonlight Wolf Pack 1
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Chapter One
Tristan Lang, has been traveling a long way from his pack, Rid Pack, searching for a safe place to live. His pack? No, more like former pack. He's been on the road for weeks now and still hasn't found the better place he looking for. Well, he did find good places in other packs but damn, what bad luck being an omega has. The towns of the other packs were good but not the peoples. Their reactions and behaviors towards omegas was the worst he had witnessed in his life! Tristan had to run from his former pack for the very same reason as he did when he went to check out the other packs on his map. The reason why he was desperately checking out other packs was because he wanted a pack who would accept him just as he was. Packs who respected, valued and accepted omegas as their own and deities knew he would never search another pack after his encounter with the last pack. That's to say, he did not find what he was looking for from the other packs. The packs he visited before, hoping th
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Chapter Two
Author: Thank you for reading. Oh hi Tristan. Do you mind if I ask you a question? Tristan: I don't mind, please bring it on. Author: Oh my, such a respectful character! You're now my favorite. Tristan: I thank the deities. You know I can't afford to offend you. Author: Ah!!! You're definitely my favorite character now! Tristan: I'm glad to hear this. Author: So, what do you think of Chris? Do you like him? Tristan:............. Chapter 2 begins Author: You didn't answer my question. *****🐺******🐺***** Reaching the main house (Where the alpha and his family lives) and getting in, Tristan was shown the room he would be staying in. Rejecting Chris's offer of providing him food since he was too tired to eat. He didn't even look around the unfamiliar room as his mind was only screaming for two things, bed and pillow. After Chris bid him goodbye, he immediately fell on the bed, going asleep the second he fell down on it. Tristan decided he would think of other matter
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Chapter Three
Author: Thank you for reading. Tristan: Please rate and comment. Author: You!, you didn't answer my question in the pervious chapter! Tristan: I'm sorry, time was running out. Author: Okay, then answer now. We have all the time in the world. Tristan:............ Chapter 3 begins. Author: You're doing it again. ******🐺******🐺****** Lunch with Alan was fun and interesting. They talked about a lot of stuffs while eating and until they were done. Afterwards, Sandy and Minna clear up the table and they continued their conversation again. They talked about a lot stuffs, mostly about Alan. What he liked and disliked. He also shared some of his funny memories which he experienced with his friends and when he went on a vacation with his grandparents. Tristan has never talked or laughed this much with anyone after he left his former pack. In his former, he only laughed and talked more when he was with his brothers or his best friend Jake. Talking about his brothers
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Chapter Four
Author: Thank you for reading. Tristan: You know, I though Chris was Alan's father until he called him 'Uncle Chris'. Author:.......... Tristan: Seeing them together, they did look like father and son. Author:........... Tristan: Why aren't you saying something? Author: Oh, now you want to talk about Chris? Tristan: Are you still angry? Because I didn't answer your question? Author: Yes! The readers wants to know! I want to know! Tristan: Did the readers ask for my answer? Author: That........ Tristan: Great! I got my answer. Let's get back to the story now. Chapter four begins!! Author:........... *******🐺*****🐺******* This chapter begins showing Lvan, the alpha of Moonlight Wolf Pack, reading through some documents in his office. The guy looked like he will pass out at any minute now but didn't mean his work would get done by itself. He was a werewolf, but that didn't mean he could use magic. Lvan has been alpha of moonlight wolf pack for thre
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Chapter Five
Author: Thank you for reading! Chris: Oh, hello, is this where the interview is taking? Author: No, we're done. Chapter five begins!!! ******🐺🐺****** Tristan and Alan couldn't take it anymore. They were so bored and so, Alan suggested they go out and he give Tristan a tour around town. Tristan agreed with no hesitation seeing how determined the cute kid was. He wore the same cloths (The ones Tristan wore after taking a bath) when they decided to leave. Albeit he wanted to wear eyeliners and polish his nails, he decided not to. He still didn't know the people in town that well neither did he know what their reaction will be. Their reaction could be worst than some of the people in his former pack and he didn't want to know or see it. Anyway, Alan looked impatient to go out and he couldn't just keep him waiting. They couldn't leave the house alone after all, he was a stranger. The young master wasn't allowed to going out with strangers. And so, James decided to tag al
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Chapter Six
Author: Thank you for reading. I feel like I should repeat this. This is fiction! Fiction!!. Okay now, I pray to God you guys like this chapter. Tristan: Yes, we pray to God you guys like this chapter. Author: Yes, I pray to God you leave right now. Tristan: Uhuh, so cold. Author: I was starting to like you! Until....... Tristan: Chapter 6 begins. Author: Let me finish my sentence!!! ********🐺***🐺******** Tristan and Alan has already brushen their teeths and taken their baths, changed (Into their nightwears), and were now lying down. They were both staring at the ceiling as they couldn't sleep. Tristan didn't know what to talk about with a four year old kid (Yep! He now knew Alan's age) and could only wait till Alan raised a topic. "How do you create a child?" "No comment" said Tristan with no hesitation. Tristan didn't know why the kid seemed to have such weird questions tonight. Alan was told both male and female omegas gives birth but just didn't know how they
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Chapter Seven
Author: Thank you for reading. Lvan: So much paperworks to take care. Author: Hmm, good luck to you. Lvan:.........Thanks? ********🐺🐺******** Rex was the driver of the day while Alan and Tristan were at the back seat, talking and laughing. Once in a while, Rex would glance at them in the rearview mirror, a smile on his face. He didn't know what Tristan did to make Alan this cheerful but he was grateful. "Uncle Rex, will you come to pick me up with Tris?" "Of course! You know I can never say no to you" Rex said with a smile. Alan laughed at his statement while Tristan was smiling. "Then I will make a lot of requests from now on" "But that doesn't mean I'll grant any unreasonable request" Rex said with a serious tone but a smile on his face. Tristan and Alan once again laughed. Reaching, the school Alan attended, he said goodbye to Tristan and Rex, got down from the SUV and went into the school. Tristan then stepped down and went to sit at the front seat, thi
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Chapter Eight
Author: Thank you for reading. I hope and pray you all like this chapter. Tristan: Yea, me too. Author: Yeah, no one care. ********🐺🐺***** This chapter begins with Chris and Even deciding to stop working, giving the pouting adult who had his head on the table, all of their attentions. "You, do you understand the meaning of what you just said?" Chris asked in a teasing tone. "Did you drink before coming, alpha?" Even asked, in a serious tone and looking serious. "I don't want to hear that from you" replied lvan. "Have you met him?" Chris asked, "No" replied lvan. He saw Tristan's back profile, not his face. Lvan raised up his head, looking at his friends who had their attentionu before adding, "But I saw him and Alan cuddled in bed together last night" "Yes, Alan wanted to sleep with him last night. And?" "It was the most beautiful sight in the world" Lvan blurt out, shocking both Even and Chris. "Do you guys think am crazy? I mean, I've seen you all cuddled with Al
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Chapter Nine
Author: Thank you for reading this novel. Even: Please comment and rate the book Chris: That's, only if you like it. *********🐺🐺****** Tristan and Rex pulled away from each other. Now seated facing each other. Rex has already wiped off his tears while Tristan was still doing justice to his with a white handkerchief. "Don't you have to go to work?" Tristan asked. Rex looked on his phone, checking the time before he looked at Tristan to answer his question. "Alan should be closing soon. I'll go to work after we pick him up" Tristan's eyebrows shot up as he looked at Rex in disbelief. He was worried about Jake the entire time, so much that he didn't realise time has past this much. "Is already 2pm?" "Yes" Rex answered with a smile. "Then we have to go. I'll go clean my face before we leave" Tristan said as he got up to leave. "I'll wait for you" Rex replied with a smile and watched as Tristan left for his room, forgetting the bathroom downstairs. Tristan was so fast th
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