The room is bright as fluorescent light illuminates its walls bringing out the beauty of the colorful pictures on them.

All the art in this room carries a representation of a hidden history understood only by the enlightened mind.

This mini-gallery is home to paintings such as The Expulsion from The Garden of Eden, The picture of Archangel Michael standing above Fallen Angels by Luca Giordano, Bruegel and His Fallen Angels, The Chalice and so many others.

Though their authenticity is something that only an expert can tell.

Although these pieces of art are well recognized in the world the only artwork Count Dracula adorns like a deity is the picture of a beautiful maiden, her gold hair reflects the light of the room like little diamonds were mixed into the artwork.

This art is no ordinary art to this man, it is worth more than all the holy artwork in this world; this painting takes Dracula back through his memories of happier days and it gives him hope that one day those happy day
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