Chapter 19


I don’t understand what Wolf is trying to do, but I can feel my own anger and fear appearing.

My feet don’t stop and I get closer and closer to Elias.

All of a sudden, Wolf pulls Elias’ head back and I finally come to a stop. Wolf’s eyes meet mine.

What are you doing?

He gives a jerk to Elias’ body and it goes flying to the left, disappearing from my sight.

“ ELIAS! ” I scream not caring that every single human in the room and Wolf is watching me.

My body is thrown forward in shock and I sprint towards the door, but before I get to it, Wolf closes it and locks it afterwards.

My hands land on the closed door and I feel the metal stinging my skin.

“ What are you doing?! Elias! ” I scream through the door as I begin to bang on it.


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Comments (5)
goodnovel comment avatar
Wow heavy!
goodnovel comment avatar
Shaneik Blair
I can’t get enough of this book.
goodnovel comment avatar
Donna Molloy
one way to sort a problem I suppose great so far

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