I don’t get to say anything as he cuts me off with a dominance-filled kiss. His hand runs down my body and when he gets to my thigh, he pulls on it to lift it up and around his waist. He stops with his hand resting on my thigh and does nothing more except kissing me until I relax and start to kiss him back, he then slowly slides himself inside me but this time he continues with slow gentle thrusts and I can’t stop the pleasure that builds and flows through me. As I respond to the pleasure he is causing, he starts to increase his thrusts, making them faster and faster, but still gentle. I can feel his pleasure building just as high as he was building mine. He takes me over the edge first, making my body tighten and then shatter around him. He keeps going, keeping himself on the edge as he builds up my pleasure again. The next time he takes me over the edge, he releases with me.

I am sorry, Butterfly, but I wanted to make up fo
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