Chapter 68

The misunderstanding between Assi and Reikel was resolved. Yassi finds out that Sauran's real intention to poison is not Reikel's mother but her. Sauran thought that Assi would taste the dish she cooked first before serving it to Reikel's mother but she was wrong. Yassi didn't go out after she finishes to cook the food that Consort Reina personally requested her to cook. So when Reikel's mother ate what Assi cooked she was poisoned instead of Assi. Although Sauran didn't mean to poison Reikel's mother, Reikel still couldn't forgive her. Since all the misunderstandings between Yassi and Reikel were resolved so their relationship returned to normal. The two of them back to each other for being sweet.

Yassi thought that they would be happy and would not have any more problems but they were not aware that there was a big problem that they were going to face together.


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