Hell's King

Hell's King

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Bahasa: English
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Emily Davis suffered a horrible childhood and now that she's gotten older, she dealt with the Hell's King himself. However, she didn't fulfill the King's part of the deal. She didn't give what the King wished to have. In punishment, he wedded her in hell and she became the Queen. Their mission is to find the King's destined wife who was written in the scrolls. Meanwhile, the both of them have problems to solve on their own as they embark their journey to find love and peace in their lives.

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Chapter 1
With every step she took, dry leaves cracked against the soles of her feet. She's been running barefoot, away from the hell’s king chasing her. She exhaled heavily against the cold and her breath can be visibly seen through the air.
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Chapter 2
She's gotten used to her mornings. Usually, It would start with the chirping of the birds and her mother would plant a kiss on her forehead. That would satisfy her day, she'd smile at any person she'd come across. But her morning today started out not well, the room was still dark, there were no birds chirping nor have she even felt her mother's kiss on her forehead. It still hadn't been a day but she missed all of it. Sitting upright, she allowed her eyes observe her surroundings–nothing's changed. The same colors of black and gold greeted her. "Where the f--" Her words were cut short when the doors opened wide, revealing an unfamiliar man in his late 40's, the butler. His arms were by his sides and his look was stern. "Queen Emily." "Y-yes?" Running her hands through the tangled strands of her hair, she aimed on looking formal and proper now that she's surprised for being addressed as a 'Queen'. "King Lucius ordered me to order you to eat downstairs
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Chapter 3
"Our wedding will be held next Monday," Emily inhaled, "Is kissing necessary? Do you even have churches? Priests? Demon Priests?" She asked in one breath, she's been sitting on the couch constantly pulling her hair and rubbing her scalp while the brothers sat on both her sides."Our wedding is tomorrow. And yes, kissing is necessary, we don't have priests but the head of the council acts as a priest and, there's no such thing as demon priests." Lucius chuckled at the last part of his sentence.Emily paused and she breathed in, "You didn't mention weddings yesterday, Lucius." Her voice came out shaky and deeper."Being a queen means getting married, Emily." Axl touched the back of Emily's head with his finger."What was.." Her body relaxed, and a yawn escaped her lips. "That?" Her brows creased as she fought the temptation but she failed when her body fell limply to Lucius and he caught her."You sho
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Chapter 4
Lucius pulled away and turned to face the audience, dragging Emily along. He raised his right hand–a gesture to silence them. While his left arm is still on her waist, he pulled her close and left a kiss on her temple.Emily glanced at him and she looked away slightly, the redness in her face never leaving and her lips felt swollen due to the kiss.The crowd silenced, waiting for their king to speak."My fellow subjects," His voice came out whole and serious, "Me and your Queen will spend our honeymoon for a month. I will leave my brother, Prince Axl, to you all." The crowd remained silent. He travelled his arm down from Emily's waist to her hand and intertwined his fingers with hers. She looked up at him in confusion and suprise whilst he look down on her in amusement."Honeymoon? Lucius we didn't agree to this." She pulled her hand away from his hold, anger painting all over her face.
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Chapter 5
"411.. 412.." Emily mumbled as her eyelids began to droop.She's been lying in her bed for the past few minutes waiting for Lucius to come in. Closing her eyes tightly, she lets out a loud yawn, "Guys ready themselves in a very short time but that guy's an exception. He's not a guy, he's a lady!" A knock on the door made Emily open her eyes. She didn't bother on moving from her position, "It took you so damn long!" She yelled in frustration as she hears the door click open and shut close."My brother sure does take his time." Her eyes widened at the voice. Of course, she was expecting for Lucius so she could yell at him but she wasn't expecting that Axl would come, "Axl?" "Yes?" Axl moves towards the bed and lies down beside her, facing the ceiling as well."I'm having regrets.""And what do you think are those?" "Dealing wit
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Chapter 6
"I know it's hard to digest every information I told you but I'm really so--""Emily.""Yes?""You married yourself to a hot hell king; what are you sorry for?"Her mother beamed at her, making wrinkles form at the edges of her eyes. She had her black hair---highlighted with gray---tied up in a messy bun. She paired her white oversized shirt with black dolphin shorts.Despite of her age, she would never think how wrinkles would form on her face when she smiles and no matter how many strands of gray hair would grow. She enjoys life how she wanted it to be.Emily looked at her mother, dumbfounded. She became hesitant when she heard her mother's words; she wasn't expecting her mother to accept and digest things in such a short matter of time. And as a parent, she needs to be strict and scold her daughter for being involved in anyone's problems."Mrs. Davis, I'm very so
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Chapter 7
Emily opens one eye, only to see a gray-colored wall, she gently lifts up her head to look at the window. A frown crept up to her face as she remembers that she didnt close the window last night; she forgot to. But now that it's closed, she chose to not worry about any longer then she turned to the other side.She expected for her mother to be there, standing and greeting her a good morning then plant a kiss on her forehead. But what she saw shocked her. Lucius. He had his right arm covering his eyes. His naked chest rising up and down slowly. Why is he here?Ignoring the question she has in mind, she wanted to take this opportunity. For a girl having no boyfriends since diapers, she needed to do this.With heavy breathing and heart beats shifting to a fast rate: she pursed her lips, gently lifting her head to rest on his chest and she snaked her arm across to cuddle."Last night was
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Chapter 8
Shifting to her left, Emily screams as she falls face flat on the ground, "I think I cracked my skull." She mumbles to herself.She places her palms against the floor and pushes. Pulling her feet slightly forward to bend her knees and she stands up and wears her slippers.Looking at the couch, she notices a small damp portion of the bed. Which caused her to pull her hand up to her face and wipe the saliva clinging on below her cheek. She wiped it again on her shirt and yawned.She wondered why she woke up in the couch instead of her bed. No one can carry her to the couch when it's only her and her mother living under the same roof.By twisting her body, stretching until her body warms and cracking of knuckles to hear the satisfying crack, a smile etched on her face.Skipping her way to the kitchen, she stops in front of the counter. Her mother had her back against Emily. She noticed her mother's hai
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Chapter 9
Throughout their dinner, they exchanged jokes, laughs and heartfelt smiles. While Emily, she felt uneasy."I remember when Emily peed herself when the boy she likes appro--""I think I ate too much carbohydrates." Emily cuts her mother off, she groaned as she lightly pressed her right hand against her tummy.Emily stood up and gathered the plates, carrying them and placing them in the sink. She f
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Chapter 10
The clanging of white hexagonal plates made Emily cringe. She could still smell the pancakes they had for breakfast which was already down in their stomachs. As she placed a clean plate back in the dish rack, her mother whispered onto her ear. "We have something to talk."Emily turned to face her mother with a look of suprise. Victoria gave her a wink and she sighed. "Emily, why don't you let Lucius watch your favorite movie?" 
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