That part of the forest was tranquil. There was only the chirping of birds to be heard. The rays of the sun pierced through the partings in the leaves to illuminate the ground. The ground was littered with dry and fresh leaves which had fallen. 

There was a figured rested on the trunk of an oak tree. The figure had blonde hair, white skin and was adorned with dirty grey clothes. A gentle breeze blew on the girl, causing her to stir. Gradually, those baby blue eyes opened and stared at nothing in particular until they were able to focus. She could not recognize her surroundings at first until the memory hit her like lightning. 

It was very dark and she was running without focus. She lost her friends. Then she stopped to catch her breath. That was where the memory stopped. 

With a start, Kasa jumped up from where she sat. It had just dawned on her that she was in fact very lost. She took a second look at the place she was

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