Chapter 64 New Object of Special Interest

Marzena was somewhat confused.

The man Rafał spoke to seemed to be an old acquaintance of his, someone who knew him very well, and yet it seemed that he did not know him at all.

That in itself was not so intriguing, but the man accused Brylski of being impotent, and that was already quite a bit of information.

Rafał Brylski impotent? Impossible! I mean, Marzena had never seen him in any intimate situation, but he had never seen her in such a situation either, so there was nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless, the accusation made by Brylski's friend made a clear imprint in the young actress' imagination.

Rafał Brylski impotent? Intriguing, really intriguing.

Even if the statement wasn't true, it definitely caught her attention, and if such a rumor went viral in the media, Skierska was convinced that it would ignite doubt in the minds of many people as to whether Rafał really had everything right with his manhood.

Is that why Brylski st

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