Chapter 17 - Cassidy

All-day Wednesday, I dreaded Collin trying to talk to me at school. Sure I hoped he wouldn’t because our business was concluded. No more reason to talk at school. I only have to deal with him twice a week after school. 

Given all of that. Why am I disappointed as I get on the bus with Riko after a day where he didn’t say a word to me or, from what I noticed, looked at me?

What is wrong with my brain? I should be happy. I should be fucking ecstatic. I went a whole day without hearing his mouth. 

He’s just another douchebag jock who leverages athletic accomplishments to climb the caste system that is high school to sleep with as many girls as he can. He’s the enemy. 

‘Is he? Or are you judging him without knowing him? Are you profiling him because of Brant? Keeping him at arm’s length or further to protect yourself from your own unresolved issues?’

I sighed as I slumped into the bucket seat. Great, I’m hearing my therapist in my h


HOORAY! I'm back! No more werewolf distractions! Lets' get this back on track. New chapters will be posted Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays!

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Jennifer Glitz Kennedy
Glad to see how he finds out she was hurt by him. He’s a smart enough guy to put the pieces together at this point.
goodnovel comment avatar
Natasha Kelly
wow wow Colin is on fire! go Cassidy that took balls for all of them and yay for food n desserts!!
goodnovel comment avatar
So happy to have new updates! Love these 2!!!

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