Chapter 279

“You can be considered to be a lucky bastard!”

It was supposed to be a painful experience but Fan Siren couldn’t hold it in any longer. The atmosphere instantly changed.


Black lines filled Tang Tian’s head. He was still at the initial level of Hidden Palace Stage, but his cultivation was much stronger than before. If he merged with the third organ, his cultivation would reach the mid stage.

Cultivating was inherently a kind of evolution of life. By refining the internal organs to their strongest extent, even the heavens and the earth would not be able to erase it.

Therefore, Tang Tian was not in a hurry. As long as he collected the five-element Spiritual Lightning step by step and integrated them one by one, his strength would be sufficient to develop.

For example, after the Heavenly Water Spirit Lightning assimilated into his body, he felt that his waist was filled with power.

If they studied it together, would it be more suitable to cultivate the Dao of Yin and Yang aft
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