Chapter Seventy-Six


Camilla and Carmen sprinted out of the kitchen with the speed of light to meet their mother who I could hear closing off the sitting room door, breathing heavily as if she had been running to catch the girls.

"Wait for me!" Camilla shouted as she followed behind her sister, throwing off the kitchen door as they vanished from out sight.

"They are really looking forward to the ceremony today." Isabel giggled, pushing her glasses up her nose as Raya nodded, looking at the door with a smile on her face.

"It's their first event so far and they get to see their friends who attend the same human high school with them since they didn't resume at the start of the term." She said and my smile fell at the thought of being the cause of it.

It seemed like everything I did was only to cause the girls sorrow when they did nothing else than make me smile and take me out of the shell I buried myself in. I made a mental note to talk to the Alpha about uplifting their punishment. It has been
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Bella Jersey
I see some are mad at this chapter. You have to remember the author’s age. What they want to capture. This captured 5 young girls getting ready for formal dance and their giddiness
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Bella Jersey
Sad and funny at the same time Mom Alora is scared of curling iron
goodnovel comment avatar
Jane we love you very much but you need to stop making promises you can't keep. I know it might not be your fault but too much of empty promises is not good for those of us reading. Keep up the good work. All the best

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