Chapter Eighty-Five

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"Where are we going?" I asked Jax as he pulled me out of our room and down the hall. It's been a few months and while I had been locked in his room since I had arrived here, it's been lonely.

Jax had gone on a business trip the very next day leaving me all alone in his room with only a few maids to attend to me by bringing my meals.

I looked up at Jax, his long black hair touching his shoulders and bright cold green eyes staring ahead as his strong arms held my wrist with a brutal force that didn't give any thoughts of running away.

I was happy to finally see him after such a long time.

But how stupid a fifteen year old me was. Happy that the monster who owned me had returned. But in a few
Chimdi Jane Samuel

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Baltijos Gintariuk
The book itself is not bad, but 'feeding' readers with empty promises are way too much. I understand, that You have Your own life, and it's good, but please stop saying You do this or that on a specific date if Your 1 day is equal to 1 week/month. I stopped trusting You. So no promises just do it ...
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Tonia Wells
No update on the 19th and now nothing on the 26th or today? Stop throwing out dates if ur not gonna stick to it. So frustrating.
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Liza Vivier
Trick or treat, anything to read?

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