Season Two

Ares Delgado.

Cold, ruthless, Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. I was feared but respected by all. I wasn't made to love or to be loved. I was made to eradicate every last member of the White Moon Pack, especially their Alpha. Jax Pentagon.

But fate had a different plan for me when I found a broken, beaten and wolfless girl under my bed. And worst of all, she reminds me of the memories of my past, a past I had vowed to forget even though it haunted me at night.

A past hidden in darkness.

A past cloaked in secrets.

A past that turned me into a monster.

A word that I hated, just like ‘love’.

But I hadn’t always been this way, I was made this way. I was created to be this person.

And even though I am not in that cold, dark place anymore. I guess I didn't lose my demons, I only learned to live with them.

Now I am going to tell you who Alessio Delgado is, the person I was before I became Ares Delgado, the person you know now.

**Hello everyone, I am super happy to get back to writin
Chimdi Jane Samuel

I need to genuinely appreciate you for following this book from day one. You're the best thing that's happened to me since I started this book. I remember starting this book in January scared that I wasn't going to get a lot of readers. But looking back now an how far I have come, I am so grateful for each click on my book. Every single comments, every gem, every heart and every review. They have shaped me into a better writer as well as a better person. Much love for showering so much love to me, much grateful to you for following me and my stories. Happy to have you here, and would like to make it worth your time. Heartiest thanks to all my supporters. Thankful for your love and support. See you all tomorrow! Jane ♥️

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goodnovel comment avatar
Nah this book is a no no. its just like I'm reading a zeeworld story instead of watching it ...
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Melissa Bell
Where do we find season 2? I have been watching for it
goodnovel comment avatar
Why didn’t we get new chapters like you promised you build everyone up just to let us down again ...

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