14: Our Last Kiss


I didn’t want to cry, I really didn’t but he hurt me. I was going to leave Lygard but my wolf wouldn’t let me, she kept me glued to this spot and I think it was because of the full moon and also Dracah. 

I wondered if Dracah and I were really mates for a while before other wolves started coming. Luna Violet, Dracah’s mother saw me but unlike before she didn’t seem very pleased to see me. 

Alan, Freya and Nora completely ignored me, instead they stuck with each other and discussed amongst themselves before the rise of the full moon. That was when I started to feel unhappy, they’ve been my family for so long but now I’m not even fit to be on speaking terms with them. 

It was more than obvious that I just don’t fit in anywhere and even if I do it wouldn’t be for long. It was just…hopeless. It would’ve been a little better if Dracah at least liked me. 

I gas
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