Chapter 100

Noah's POV

I woke up with heavy arms around me and light snores coming from behind me. I move around a little bit adjusting myself and freeze when I feel something hard pressing between my bare ass cheeks.

I feel Michael stir behind me as he presses himself closer. I get a warmth sensation in my stomach that travels straight to my cock and I bite my lip trying to suppress a moan.

I pushed back against him pressing his cock against my ass harder. I moan as I feel the slick dripping from me. I rock my hips back against him and feel his cocks sliding between my ass cheeks pressing the length against my hole. My cock twitches as it leaks and my breath catches in my throat.

I rock my hips again, pushing against him as I reach down grabbing a hold of my cock. I slowly begin to stroke it and my mouth opens as I moaned.

I feel Michael stiffen behind me for a moment then his hand moves down pushing my hand away. Wrapping his hand around my cock squeezi

Abigail Phillips


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Apple, yeah oh do we get Noah to see somebody to fix his head how we don’t work this cause he is suffering and he really wants to be with his mate. I am loving this book. Good characters good story line yeah, love scenes steamy hot require showers.

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