57 - I don't know Ike, but I'm scared.

"Dress up and let's go to the hospital," Tony said as soon as Abigail stepped out of the bathroom. It was Monday and she hadn't woken up as usual to make his breakfast, so he decided to surprise her with breakfast in bed. Unfortunately, she couldn't hold it in and threw everything up. It was the first time Tony had seen her puking and he was very much disturbed, wondering how long this had been going on.

"I'm fine, It just happens in the morning but after that, I'm okay. I don't need to see a Doctor. Besides, vomiting is nothing. Some herbs can treat it," she said casually while drying her face with a towel. Tony noticed she had turned pale, his worry advancing.

"What did you say? That this has been happening and you never told me? Do you know exactly what is wrong with you?" Tony was getting upset. How could she pretend to be fine when she wasn't? He always thought she was exhausted after their heated nights and also her stress during the carnival decorations, not k

Lucia Love

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Susan Quek
I hope it will be clearly explained. What is going on??
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Susan Quek
This chapter ends with a confusing feeling
goodnovel comment avatar
oh my God... I hop she didn't lost her body.... plsssss...

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