Worse than a gipsy fucking curse.

Lenox pov

That cheeky fucker didn’t ditch us to make a phone call.

If Laz thinks he’s so damn slick that he might fool me, he has another thing coming his way. My Spidey senses are tingling, so he can’t fool me for shit.

While our family laughs and exchanges their opinions on things I can’t even follow along with, I grin and excuse myself. Mom did eye me with suspicion, but I told her that I need to take a piss, so she let me be.

It’s funny how mom’s back off once their children say something inappropriate.

Though I feel all sorts of amused, I need to find Laz, not let myself get distracted again. I wonder why giraffes have such long necks. Should I do some research on them? I mean, how does that work? Do they have a couple of long bones or many tiny ones, and how the fuck they don’t break their necks?

Lord knows I’d end up dead in the first few hours of my life if I had a neck like that. Fuck it, if I survived with it, I’d start working in the strip club as the damn pole.
K. K. Winter

I've been saying this for ages, but guys, I'm so ready to have this book finished. Have I done enough stretching of the plot already?

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Becky Treadway
is it weird that I love Lenox? ...
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Donna DeNardo Grogan
yes he makes me ...
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Monie Estrada
dont i like reading it and geting lost in it i love lennox

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