Chapter 11

Joseph POV

I told her everything about how I have fallen with her and her body, but there was a little lie that I also love her. But one thing was sure, I started being possessive toward her after taking her virginity. I don't want anyone in her life except me.

She was sleeping peacefully in my arms. Her hair spread on the pillow, and her little snoring filled in the room. I always make her tire continuously fucking and make her hell tied, but I just can't resist myself around her.

I brought this place for us and make all arrangements according to me, the full mansion is covered with hidden cameras with full security. Not only that, but I placed all the beautiful pictures in our room, especially our movement of intimacy. It's all giving me a different joy, The feeling something is only mine, and can't be shared with anyone. I am in my thirties but unable to understand my feelings for her. I feel like some teenager who hasn't tasted any pussy before. One thing is sure, I never let her
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A Holla
the beginning of the book started out great. The book is not well written so it makes it hard to read. I've lost interest in it because he always has her nipples in his mouth.

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